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Here is a report from TVFool hxxp:// www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d27ee092f192463

I have been using this antenna hxxp:// www.amazon.com/JENSEN-TV-631-Amplified-Tv-Antenna/dp/B0006GWCFY to receive OTA signals and I get the following channels:

KREMDT - 2.1 - CBS

KXLYDT - 4.1 - ABC (somewhat weak signal, all 4s)

KXLYDT2 - 4.2

KXMNLD3 - 4.3 (mirror of 4.1)

KHQDT - 6.1 - NBC

KHQDT2 - 6.2

KHQDT3 - 6.3

KSPSDT - 7.1 - PBS

KSPSDT2 - 7.2

KSPSDT3 - 7.3

KSKNDT - 22.1 - CW (somewhat weak signal)

KAYUDT - 28.1 - FOX

KAYUDT2 - 28.2

I have a Visio LCD and a Hauppauge HVR-2250 as my two main TV tuners.

When I scan channels with the Visio and the HVR-2250 there are quite a few more channels listed in the guide but I only receive the above channels with any signal at all. Also, when I scan with the Visio all of the 4s have 2 copies of each listed in the guide but there is only a signal on 1 of each (the signal is reliable and rarely cuts out). The HVR-2250 on has only one copy of each but I barely get a signal and have to wiggle the antenna around to be able to (barely) watch the channel (it still cuts out often). Why might that be?

The local PBS station has recently switched over to a better signal and according to the website the channel has changed to 8.1. However when I scan with either tuner it still lists it as 7.1. And ever since the change my HVR-2250 has been unable to receive the channel at all. It used to be one of the best signals I received. Any other standalone TVs receive the signal fine (albeit on 7.1 instead of 8.1).

Any recommendations on these problems or on an antenna that may might give a wider and more reliable signal would be much appreciated.

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Digital tuners unlike analog tuners can get overloaded with two strong a signal and will not process it just as they will not process at all signal that is too weak.

I think that the digital statios that show in the TV fool listing as less then 10 miles may be overloading your digital tuners and therefore will not be received.

Are you sure that Channel 7-1 has changed it's "name" to 8-1 or has it just changed it RF frequency to that of channel 8?
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