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OTARD Question (apartment/satellite)

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I have had my satellite up for many years attached to the side wall of my apartment building. After all this time they've finally forced me to take it down.

After going to my wits end without decent programming I am looking to find out if anyone in here with any legal expertise can tell me if I can legally put the satellite out of my bedroom window attached to board that is not permanently attached to the building and could be removed at any time.

The bedroom window is the only place that allows for a clear view of the southern sky. All other options have been explored and this is all I can do. So exploring the legal aspect of the OTARD law is my last option.

Please HELP!!
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They could legally challenge something sticking out of your bedroom window, on safety grounds.

Also, many are now using a rule-of-thumb called the "Shrink-Wrap Test": If the building was covered by a layer of plastic shrink-wrap, would your antenna (or any other objects) touch or press through the shrink wrap? If so, they could make you remove it.

If you have a straight shot at the bird from your window, you might get reception through the glass, or a plastic replacement you could put in the open window. It may not work through glass, or even plastic, if the angle is too oblique though, in which case the window would just have to be open when using the dish.

Are they going after everyone with dishes? Maybe it's time for a community dish(s) on each building.
Somebody that wanted to put up their dish in the complex went to the office and said "well, he's got his up, why can't I?"

Two weeks later I was forced to take it down. I thinkI'm just gonna use it at night and forget about arguing with them. If they never see it, they'll probably never say anything about it.

A community dish would be a great idea, this is going wayyy too far and I'm nearly forced to get cable. I wonder if there is a way to force the complex to do it.
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