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i have a 5x2 hdmi splitter,output a to my onkyo 605,output b to my sony 32" bravia,onkyo outputs to my hitachi 7500 42"" plasma.

splitter input 1 (sky hd) input 2 ( elektron media player) input 3 (sony blu-ray player).

heres my prob,if the onkyo is on i can access input 1,input 2,but not 3,from output b,i can access all from a.

if the onkyo is off,i can only access input 2 from output b.

both tvs are connected with 15 meter hdmi leads and i have a repeater on output b to the sony.

why is the onkyo affecting the output from output b on the switcher,my sony tv registers 1081.60 from the sony player but no picture or audio but registers 1081,60 from the elektron with full picture and sound,any ideas,thanks
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