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First off, amazing site! Ive used this place to learn so much already, thank you in advance for everything.

So here is my setup:

Sony HTDDW900 Watt AV Receiver with 5.1 speakers (in living room) with A/B and A&B front speaker selection.

Connected to HTPC, mostly used for movies, but once in a while I play some music using the HTPC (through itunes controlled with my iphone, so cool) hence the reason for having 2 more speakers in another zone (patio),

I would like to run speaker wire from the AV receiver (B speakers) to the patio, but I have no idea which is better, I would assume getting two small speakers and an outdoor sub would be better sound but what about getting two larger speakers with built in subs?

Also if I needed to run a sub out to the patio as well, I would use a Y adapter on the SUB Pre-out to split the SUB signal, then run the RCA cable to the patio as well. (distance from Receiver in living room to patio outside is about 30 - 40 ft max. )

Which would you recommend? Whats less expensive?

Budget is about $200 - $300 for the speakers/sub.

One other question not directly related:

If I replace the AV receiver with an Onkyo 607 but keep the speakers from the Sony system (due to budget) would I be able to get a better sound and more volume. Right now I push the volume on the Sony to 60 - 65 for music and movies (max is 70) and sometimes I want a little more power. Any info would help me out tremendously!

Thanks in advance!


PS. Please no comments on how crappy the Sony is, I know its not a good AV receiver, but it was all I could afford at the time.
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