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I've been wanting to shre these pics but just completely forgot.

A week before the SB XLIV, I decided to have a family party for the game. So I had to build a screen and after buying spandex, I bought some lightweight white denim, which I plan to paint later. I borrowed a PJ from work, a Dell 2200 DLP, which looked good. However the wife borrowed one from her place of work, which was an Epson LCD.

I decided to build something about 122" diag. so I can use later in my HT when I close off my patio.

My patio is completely open so I decided to use 10 mil black plastic to darken the area and actually keep the cold air out.

Pics aren't all that great but but you get the idea. Everyone that attended loved watching the game on the big screen. I was pretty pleased with the results and plan to make some upgrades to the screen

Sorry for the blurry pics but they were from my cell and after quite a few beers and shots.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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