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Somewhat of a Newbie here, never taken on anything like this outdoors.

I told my neighbor I would help him install an outdoor audio video system. Here is what we are working with 1) A covered patio off of a poolhouse 2) A inground swimming pool.

Here is what he is wanting 4 speakers in the covered patio area mounted up under the eaves. Two speakers at the oppposite end of the pool (maybe rocks or inground speakers or mounted to a fence rail. Not sure if we will need a subwoofer. A TV is mounted on the wall of the poolhouse in the covered patio area (I assume I will need a center channel speaker by it?). All other componets (ie receiver, amp, DVD, will be placed in the poolhouse out of the elements), two speakers may be added to the inside of the poolhouse for use in the winter or when weather is bad (thinking a different zone on the receiver for these).

My questions are 1) Can I use a 7.1 surrond receiver to power all of this or do I need an amp also? 2) Best way to control volume and music selection probably an Ipod maybe Sonos? Just with volume controlers? IR? How many would I need? Control the Ipod with a smartphone? I know we will need to run direct bury speaker wire to the speakers buy the pool. But where should I put all of the surge protectors? Sorry I am really at a loss with all of this, have installed a few systems indoors but nothing outdoors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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