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I want to put two speakers in a distant corner of our yard that involves a wiring run of at least 150'. I have speakers closer to the house that I run using an amp in the house with Niles weatherproof volume controls. They have been running for 7 years with no problems (knock on wood).

I know a little about wiring, but not a lot so bare with me. Given that the new speakers are going to be such a long run from the house, I have planned on using 12 gauge wire or pairing 14 gauge to connect to an amp inside the house. I want to keep the amp in the house to connect to my network (via ethernet/Airport express) and also because I do not currently plan on having a weatherproof cabinet in the area where the speakers are.

I thought I was all set until I learned that most volume controls cannot accept anything bigger than a 14 gauge wire. Having separate volume contol near the speakers is important as I will have two listening areas (one noisy and one quiet).

So I am wondering what other solutions there might be. Are there weatherproof volume controls that can connect to 12 gauge wire? Is there some other wiring trick to make this work?

One more important fact: I am using Niles Stereo Input speakers (each having left and right channels) so I plan on running two pairs of wires through a separate volume control for each of the two speakers.
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