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Outdoor speaker recommendation?

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I'm looking for a pair of outdoor speakers for a patio. I'm considering the Niles OS25's or the Paradigm Stylus 350's. Anyone have any experience with these, or does anyone have another recommendation?


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i've got the klipsch sa-2's. these speakers are incredibly efficient and they play LOUD. my neighbors hate me.
There's a pretty good article in the June 2003 issue of Sound & Vision magazine regarding outdoor speakers:


At the end of the article, there's a link to a great chart on many of the outdoor speakers available.

Good luck!
hi mike,

here's what i did:

good outdoor speakers cost at least $400-500/pair.

you can buy excellent bookshelf speakers via closeout on the web (harmon audio, ecost, etc.) for
most are finished in a vinyl veneer of some sort and can stand some moisture.

choose a design with poly woofers and you're all set.

i got mirage frx3's for $150 and hung them under the eaves (for some protection) with garden netting.

they sound fantastic and have shown no ill effects from the weather. plus, they look great and if they fail after 5 years (unlikely), i'll just get some more and still be way ahead of the game.


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NHT Outdoor Ones if you want some full range outdoor speakers are worth checking into. Daddy's got a pair and loves them.
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