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I really don't know much about subwoofers, but I am working on learning as I am trying to put a 6.1 surround sound outside on my deck (outside theater plus music for entertainment).

I am looking at getting an Onkyo TX-SR605 for the receiver and Polk Atrium 45s for the 6 speakers. I plan on bringing the receiver in the house, but the speakers and sub will be fixed outdoors. I would like to place the sub on the underside of the deck as it will basically support a 16' x 16' area.

I started looking at marine subwoofers thinking that may be the way to handle the outdoor weather, but after looking at all the connectors on them, I don't see any connectors for the pre out line from the receiver. Based on some earlier posts, I read about the Klipsch AW-800-SW Outdoor Subwoofer, but it looks like it doesn't have an amp and it's out of my price range. Hence, the search continues.

Do you all have any recommendations on what to use for a fixed outdoor subwoofer? I would like to keep the budget below $300 if possible.
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