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Outlaw 1070 vs Marantz SR8500

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Has anyone actually heard both of these units? I am still "trying" the 1070 and I really like the sound quality. I have posted before about the usability issues I have had with it though. It seems like the SR8500 has the same features or more and maybe better usability. Also, since they both use torroidal amps I am hoping they sound similar.

Unfortunately, the only dealer near me will not let me return the Marantz if I try it against the Outlaw and don't like it as much. Also, they do not have one in the store to listen to. My trial period is almost over with Outlaw (they have been great at extending my trial for technical reasons) and I don't know if I should take the chance with the Marantz or just stick with the Outlaw and learn to deal with it.
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Gergg, what type of budget do you have to spend on your purchase? I don't have any experience with the particular Marantz model you are interested in, but I do know about the 1070. It is a decent piece of equipment, but like you stated in your other thread, it does have limitations when it comes to the component/DVI usage. A suggestion, without knowing your budget, would be to go with the Outlaw 990 (where you can use all component and DVI inputs at once) and the smaller 75 watt amp (the 7075 model). I went with the 990/7125 and I'm really happy with the purchase.

If I'm not mistaken the Marantz is available at accessories4less, and I think they have a good return policy on them (not sure, but just thinking off the top of my head). This way you may be able to compare the two and keep which one you like the best.
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That is what I would like to do. I was hoping to try them both and keep the one I liked the best. My time span makes it hard to get one shipped from online retailers on time. Accessories4less has them recertified for about the same price as the 1070 is new. That is tempting. I can also order one from Hifi.com for the same price as locally, but then if I pay for faster shipping and then end up returning it and paying for shipping both ways, I would be out over $150 just to try it out. That is why I am hoping someone has heard both.

I don't think my budget allows for the 990. Even if it did, the 990 does not fix all the issues I have with the 1070 and still seems to have less wattage (when combined with the 75w amp) and less features/inputs than the Marantz.

But again, all that is moot if the Marantz doesn't sound as good as the Outlaw.
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Hmmm. Not sure what to tell you. I have friends who have Marantz receivers and they seem to be happy with them. I'm happy with my Outlaw too. I'm not sure why the dealer in your area won't allow you to compare the two and see which one you prefer. Most dealers do have a return policy, even if you have to pay a restocking fee, but I've never heard of one not allowing returns except on special orders and things like that. Sounds like a real weenie to me and I'd look elsewhere for any purchases.

I guess both are good receivers and should be similar, so maybe go with the one that will do all the things you want it to do. Just do a little research on the Marantz to double check on the features and how they work so you don't have similar issues like with the Outlaw.
I love Marantz and think they are better looking than Outlaw (personal preference), but unless the is an over-riding reason feature wise, I doubt the Marantz will sound significantly beter.
Ericgl, I am not looking for better sound, just as good. The 1070 seems to be my baseline for sound quality.

Badboi, thanks for the responses. The dealer would probably let me return the Marantz if I paid the 20% restocking fee. I think that is a bit much. They are a small individually owned store and don't want to lose money, however they are the only game in town.

I did a lot of research and everyone (the forums, the dealership, and the manuals) tell me the features work the way I hoped. The problem is that sometimes you don't see the "gotchas" until after you have some time with the unit. That is one of the things that bothers me about the lack of return policy.
If the Marantz has features that you want, and the Outlaw doesn't, I am comfortable you will like the sound.

BTW what speakers are you driving.
I am using all Axiom speakers. M22ti, VP150, QS4 and QS8s.

The main thing that the Marantz is lacking vs. the Outlaw is the quad crossover for bass. The Marantz has one crossover and it is only 80, 100, or 120hz. I am wondering if that will make a big difference in the sound.

Does anyone have any opinions regarding "recertified" Marantz from Accessories4less?
Some of the friends I have that bought Marantz receivers got them from Accessories4less and are quite happy with them. In all honesty, if they hadn't told me they were recertified units, I would have never known. None have ever had issues with them either, so going by that, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them. For the record, I do buy all my cables from them and never had an issue either.
Did your friends buy the extended warranties or just go with the one year it comes with?
Thanks. Do you think that the recertified Marantz will have better resale value than the Outlaw? I would think so, since the retail price is higher and both would be used when you resell them. However, I don't think Outlaw is coming out with another receiver anytime soon, while the Marantz SR8500 replacement is probably a month or so away...
Also, do you know if you have to buy the extended warranty at the same time as the receiver or can you buy it later?
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