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First an apology - I already posted this in another enthusiast forum yesterday, I haven't seen any responses yet, and unfortunately with my timeline, I am hoping to have an answer by Thursday afternoon US (Friday my time). I don't like spamming across forum boards, so if anyone sees this same question on another forum, that was not my intent.

Also, I did a search and didn't find anything that appeared to be applicable, and I am unable to ask this on the Outlaw website (guess either someone at work here got banned (unlikely) or they are not blocking posting from overseas / Japan).

I brought my Outlaw 950 and 755 with me from the U.S. to Japan when I moved here for work two months ago. So far I cannot get the outlaw preamp to turn on. The power light stays orange when I turn the power on. The screen lights up, and I can change all my settings, but the small power light stays orange and I cannot get sound from my speakers.

I am going to try using the hard-reset (I keep trying to remind myself to do that every night and get caught up in other work) and see what happens, I had been hoping that the power supplies for the preamp would allow me to use it in a 100V 50Hz system, but apparently something in the unit is not liking the input power. I was thinking I would bring it back to the U.S. this Saturday when I travel on business to sell it and buy a local receiver, but today I realized it may be cheaper just to buy a small converter to power the preamp.

So I am curious if anyone else ran into similar issues with audio electronics, and what methods they used to deal with them? Especially when it comes to Japan's 100V/50Hz. I had thought that the systems power supplies would be taking everything down to DC voltage anyways so I was surprised it was an issue, but I am not all that familiar with audio system designs.

Also, any feasible issues with using a power converter to bring the input power to the preamp up to 115V/60Hz but leave the input supply for the amp at 100V/50Hz?

Since it is Japan, I do not have any grounds for either equipment. (Everything is two prong... though I think I might be able to extract a ground from the outlet (you have to uncover a small plate and manually hook up a ground wire... saw them do it for my washing machine).

Thanks for any and all advice,

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