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I have a 1080p projector, and a 1080i LCD TV. Trying to hook these 2 up to an Xbox 360 and a PS3.

My AVR is non-HDMI Denon 3805. I bought a 4in 2out HDMI switcher hoping that I wouldn't need to upgrade my receiver - this is now not looking good.

My problem is, when I set the source (both Xbox & PS3) to 1080P output, it refuses to output in component/composite or any other format except 1080P. This means my LCD TV cannot display the picture.

So, the question is, if I get a Sony STR-DA5400ES or a Denon AVR4308 (ie - a receiver with 2X HDMI output), what is my chance of making it output 1080P on one HDMI output, and 1080i on the other?

If that is not possible, I *assume* that it would downcovert its output to component at the same time as sending out 1080P?
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