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Does not happen on a single disc but almost all, bluray, standard dvd, CD etc.

I put the disc in the player of the 690 and it sounds like an electric grinder or they started jackhammering on the walkway has started and doesn't stop until complete DVD is loaded. Sometimes will continue, at a lower level, once the disc is playing.

Even makes my cat look at it weird like "I never heard a DVD player do that before..."

I have had unit over a year and now this mess has started in the last couple of months, sometimes will make the loud noise for quite some time and then show a disc error. I have just ran it through the paces with a new Pulp Fiction BluRay (same wild noise and will even error out),and plays fine and silently on my desktop PC bluray player but the 690 sounds possessed. Should I just toss in the trash and get a lower level 670 or a different brand all together??

Love the HD in it, works beautiful on the wired network and with USB but sucks doing what it was supposedly created to do...play dvd's. What a crazy idea...Any Help? Thanks in advance.
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