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outside theater project

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hey guys,

I have about a $6000 budget for designing a outside theater. I am free thinking right now of what I should buy, but here are some of the ideas I had in mind.

-separate amp for each speaker pair( 1amp for fronts, 1 amp for rear,1 for the center, and one for the woofer)

-amps will be connected to the preouts from my denon avr-5805

-I want my fronts and center to be rated at 400-500w in 8ohms and my rears will be 200-300w.

-subwoofer will be 18inches and have a rating of 700-800w

-I plan to run the system during the afternoon and night, so to fight off sunlight, I will design a large tent made from black tarp to absorb most of the light. The sides will be open so bystanders can still view all the action.

-the screen will be 170-200 inches

-the projector will be 720p with a lumen of 1500-2000

well thats my plans so far let me know if you have any great ideas or suggestions.
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someone mentioned in a thread here how even crappy speakers sound really good outside.

I didn't necessarily believe it until I tried it myself.

Crappy speakers really DO sound good outside.

And I don't think 5.1 is really important for an outside theater. Nor do I think rear speakers are at all important. I could understand wanting a separate center channel though.

So my idea/suggestion is to not go crazy with the outside speakers. Make sure they're loud enough, but quality outside isn't as important. You already know that though. 170" pic outside is not going to be the same quality as a 100" pic inside.

All that said, I'd love to see pics of the space you're working with.
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If you're running during the day, even with the tent, be sure you get a good light cannon. I'm not sure 1500 - 2000 lumen will be enough... someone else might be able to chime in on that.

I run 5.1 outside, and everyone who attends loves the sound. I'm building a pair of subs that will be used otuside this year as well. While you don't need great speakers outside, having the surround sound and bass is so much fun, I can't see ever running the theater without them.

If the setup is fixed, I'd suggest you bury your wiring, it makes setup easier, and safer.
I plan to use thick black tarp as the material for the tent. I already have alot of shade in my backyard. The tent should provide plenty of darkness.

I will take pics to show you guys what my backyard looks like, stay tuned.
What type of speakers do you guys recommend in terms of pro audio? Me and my pal been looking at JBL MRX and SRX, is there anything cheaper that is just as good?

I want the fronts and center to be at least 400-500w rms in 8ohms.
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