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I have a first time setup in mind, but want to get it right (or close) before buying everything.

I have read many of the threads, the FAQs, visited a few plasma retailers, and have taken into account my viewing and usage habits - i (will) watch equal parts HDTV, DVDs, and STBs, and will use Tivo and PIP with some frequency.

- Pio 503cmx w/ either the 5002 or TVP-1000 card

- DVD player: probably a Panny model (62,91 or 82)

- Satellite Dish (HD + STB)

- Hughes antenna (for local HD broadcasts)

- Hughes E86 HD rec'r (for both HD antenna and HD dish)

- DirecTv/Tivo rec'r for STB

- AV rec'r - undecided

- 5.1 speaker setup

I assume the video for the 3 inputs, DVD, HD and STBs, will be 3 component inputs to the screen, and the audio will all go thru the AV rec'r out to the speakers.

Assuming I dont go with an HTPC, my main questions are:

1) Is there a better overall plan or major revisions that improve this system setup?

2) Which type of card is more appropriate?If I use PIP and 3 component inputs, do I have another choice?

3) Are component connections the best I can use? Is it possible to keep the signal in digital format w/out HTPC?

4) Where are the best, reliable places to get a deal on the 503? Is the Dell offer only a quarter-end deal?

5) What quality reasonably priced AV rec'r would cover what I need w/out overkill? Any thoughts on the Harmon Kardon AVR520?

Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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