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Overanscan 480 vs 1080 on Panny EDTV?

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Panasonic TH42PA20, I've run into something a little odd wih my new Progressive DVD players, both Denon 1910 and 2910 do this... I've really only noticed this on DVE, but in 480p, either via component or DVI, in some of the menu screens where it has Chapter and Title at the top of the screen, 480p mode cuts off the top a bit.

When I switch to 1080, it no longer cuts off the top, and the picture looks normal.

Would this be an overscan issue, but only in 480p mode? And why would that be different than 1080...?

Flipped off progressive, and it still a tad clipped off at the top in Interlaced mode, but it's a little bit worse in progressive.

In DVE, it's the menu under DVD Navigation
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What does the DVE overscan pattern tell you?

You should be able to adjust the overscan on a per signal basis if you can get into the service menus.
With due respect, I would suggest that before anyone else gets the itch (like I did after reading a similar thread on getting into the service menu) make sure you know what those numbers in the service menu mean!!!

I notice some members here only made some passing remarks without specific warnings or sharing their "know-how" (if they really know how) on "tweaking" the settings in the service menu.

I honestly think that if we can NOT help our fellow members in this forum with genuine "know-how" to improve the PQ of our "hard-earned" toys (esp. when the warrantees out), do NOT misguide them with half-baked "knowledge" that could end up messing up their sets.

Many of us, especially new members, are here looking for help through your experiences. Please give your advice honestly and whole-heartedly or save your time to enjoy your own set!

Thank you....
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I'm wondering if it's just a quirk of the display...

The fact that 1080i diplays perfectly, whereas 480p has this very slight problem... Luckily, the 2910 has a picture adjustment mode, where i can alter the vertical position. I feel much safer doing this than willy-nilly going into the service menu (;

I realize there is a great deal of adjustment that can be done through the service menu, but as a complete novice, I'm wary of doing it without the benefit of a manual.

I'm going to give my dealer a call to see if they have seen this issue at all, or possibly see if they can prrovide some info on service menu settings...
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