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overcoming FAT32 limitations (DSM-520)

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This worked well for me to format a 250 GB HDD as a single FAT32 partition, and works fine on my D-Link DSM-520 via USB. There still is of course the 2GB file size limitation of FAT32. I only have the D-Link to experiment with, but i suspect this will work on other players that cannot read an NTFS volume attached via USB.
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Will the DSM-520 read multiple partitions formatted FAT32?

I have a 300GB external drive that I recently set up with 3 partitions & formatted FAT32. I've stored files as follows:

Partition 1: Music

Partition 2: Video Files

Partition 3: Photos

I have a DSM-520 on order (should be here Wed, 12/28).

Also, can you plug in a 4-port usb hub and connect multiple external drives at the same time?


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Yeah, I can confirm that I've successfully formatted a Maxtor 300GB SATA drive with that same utility, and the DSM-520 is able to read the drive now. Wish DLink would enable NTFS support though. Hopefully if enough people request it, they'll make it available on their next firmware upgrade.

I've tried multiple primary partitions, but was unsuccessful. The machine only read the first partition. Though I did notice that when I access the USB drive through the DSM-520 menu systems, it recognized the correct drive letter. So perhaps you could create logical drives and allow that to work. I'll have to test later to confirm.

Haven't tried the USB hub situation, I'll have to give that a try.
It will not recognize a USB cd rom drive, though. I thought I read in a thread that someone contacted customer support and was told it should work, but it comes up saying either no USB device connected or device not recognized.

Also, mp3 players with WMP PlaysForSure do not work, as they are not true mass storage devices. I was also unsuccessful with using the USB port on the 520 to charge a cell phone or mp3 player. I was hoping it might do that so people dont have to go into my office to charge their things in my apartment.

I will not be able to test a USB hub for a few days, but I do not believe the firmware includes any way to support more than one at a time, as there is no hint of a way to choose which one you want.

Also along the lines of disk formats, when i use the USB mode, it does not seem to alphabatize the folders or anything. Are the files/folders listed by date/time??
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Originally Posted by usernotfound

There still is of course the 2GB file size limitation of FAT32.

The file size limitation is 4GB minus 1 byte under FAT32.

Also, FAT32 partitions formatted up to 8TB are possible (268435456 max clusters times 32000 max cluster size (bytes)) with FAT32, but 2TB is the recommended limit due to limitations in the FAT size (aout 1GB).
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Damn stupid 4 GB file limitiation

I wanted to put HD content on the drive (mostly 1080i trailers) and the filea re bigger than 4 gigs...Im really hoping for a NTFS file system on next firmware also!
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