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Overlay Image Zoomed

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Well, I searched and searched with no luck, although I most likely missed something. I have a GeForceFX 5600XT in my HTPC and recently started using FFDshow to see what it could do. I must say I'm impressed at the visual qualities it brings out.

That said, my card doesn't seem to have the horsepower to effectively play dvd material with a 1776x1000 resize in VMP9 with the new forceware 4 codecs from tt2. So I thought I'd switch to overlay, and guess what...

My screen shows about 1/2-1/3 of the image like it's highly zoomed. I have tried every possible setting that I can think of in the display properties and had no effect. The overlay contol panel show full zoom out, but the image is still zoomed. I am running the 62.20 drivers (mostly because the newer ones don't seem to work with sagetv as I get a blue screen, not BSOD just a blue UI)

My specs are:

CPU: AMD Athlon 3200+

RAM: 1GB DualChannel Corsair XMS PC3200

MB: ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (ver2)

Video: GeForce FX5600XT 256MB

TV: 2x PVR-250

HD: 2x WD2500JD 200GB 8MB Buffer in RAID-0

Forceware Video/Audio Decoders


FFDShow 10122004-SSE

Denoise3D .5,.5,5 HQ

Resize to 1776x1000 (display resolution) Lanczos4

Output YV12

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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