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Hey there AVS! I have 4 Atlantic Satellite's at home.

The description says that they can hold up to 2 lbs max. I have read reviews about it holding 5 lb's easily if mounted properly.

I am about to purchase a Jamo 5.1 system and the fronts and the surround satellites are HUGE. The dimensions are 5.8" W x 9.3" H x 7.7" D / 5.7 lbs.

The plating of the stands I have are only 3" W x 3" L.

I would need to use that 3x3 cast iron plate to accommodate 5.8x7.7. Based on the images on Amazon of the stands I have, does anyone know how I can securely mount my huge Jamo satellites on? Preferably not drilling wholes into the speakers?
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