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I've taken the time to try and collect reviews in a running text file within a table over the past month so they could be separated from the chatter - over 50 in one place for viewing so as to avoid the chatter in the owners' forum on side issues.

Enjoy the feedback and hope this works as it's 21 pages long.

Discussion is welcome. :D :D :D

As far as the picture goes - it was stunning. The blacks are very black and the color depth just seemed to me to be outstanding. The contrast ratio is higher than what I am used to seeing. There was no way to compare it to any of the other sets in the store without walking 100 feet but it looked like it was better than the 50" Sony and Panny plasmas that Fry's had on display.

As I changed the channels 2.1, 4.1 etc I noticed that this set by far has the best

SD picture I have seen on a rear projection TV. Far better than Dish network SD on my JVC 52 in. D-ILA. SD on my JVC D-ILA looks washed out and the SD via

rabbit ears on the 6168 had deep color that "popped".

The black levels were inky black but I was not able to observe any source

material with dark scenes in order to report on the shadow detail. But if

the 6168 displays DVD 480i anything the Mitsubishi 52in. 1080p DLP I saw

at Ken Crane’s in West LA then we are in for a real treat here too.

But as I went into the back where all the DLP's are located it only took one look around the room to know which one was the 1080p set. The contrast is so much better; the colors are so much deeper that you just know that this one has to be the 1080p set. The sales guy came by 5min. later and confirmed that indeed it was the new 5078.

The blacks are true blacks, and any other DLP next to it can only show shades of gray, where it should really show black.

Again, the color depth is amazing. The contrast just blows you away. I was hesitant about getting a 1080p set and was thinking about just getting the 720p. But now, I am in serious debates with my wife to see if we can spend the extra 1K that it will cost us to get the 1080p set.

Today, after looking all around the San Francisco Bay Area for any Samsung 1080p, I finally succeeded! Victory!

The Magnolia in Palo Alto, CA on University Avenue has an HL-R5078W on display. They have a nice display room including DirecTV with HD channels and normal SD channels. I'm actually going to buy a much larger set (67" or 71") but it was at least a 1080p. Here is my review:

(1) Brightness:
Phenomenal brightness. So intense and beautiful that it makes all the sets sitting around it look dim and dreary by comparison. The "dynamic" mode was serious intense and probably only for use in brightly lit rooms. The "standard" setting looked plenty bright for typical rooms and the "movie" setting was about right for watching in a very dim or dark room. I think they have achieved maximum capability on brightness - any more wouldn't be used in any but the most extreme lighting.

(2) Colors
Very nice and intense without the almost strained intensity of some of the previous

HLN/HLP series. I remember looking at Samsung DLP’s about a year ago and thinking that the green was a little over the edge when using the default settings. It was like they had tuned it to be way too vivid to grab the eye in the store. I suspect those old sets were okay after manually tweaking the colors, but I don't think these 1080p's need that. The colors looked great using defaults. Although I did not run any calibration material.

(3) Weird DLP effects (rainbows, etc)
I was unable to detect ANY weird DLP effects such as rainbows. But I will admit I had to work really hard to see any of those issues on the older Samsungs so I'm not the best judge of this attribute.

(4) Contrast (and Black/White purity)

Again, Phenomenal.
The blacks were beautifully solid and in the case of bright white text over a solid black background, it looked like near perfection. I turned the color all the way off on this set and an adjacent Samsung 720p model so they were both showing the same black and white HDTV images. What an amazing difference! The 1080p was completely amazing in terms of pure blacks and whites. I'm not sure they could get much better. I think I'd need to run calibration material to even see that it isn't perfect.

(5) Sharpness

Razor sharp edges. Really a huge improvement.
Again making the comparison with the adjacent 720p, watching DirecTV HDNet, the difference was remarkable. So sharp that the images had much more depth. Interesting that it looked so much better even with a 720p signal. I guess that says their 1080p up-conversion algorithm, pixel interpolation, etc. are well executed.

Another note on sharpness - I didn't have any real 1080p content to look at (or 1080i for that matter) so everything was really upconverted. The only thing I got to see in true 1080p were the menus generated by the TV itself. And they were awesome sharp! Really pretty. And they were just menus! But 1080p is really nice. I'm sure these things would make way-cool computer monitors.

(6) Pixelation

Pixelation was an issue for me on the previous generations of DLP sets when looking at a standard definition image. HD images look great on 720p or 1080p. The problem is that the majority of the material I will watch is not HD nor will it be for most (or all) of the life of this set. Sad, but true. My huge SD DVD collection and the very small HD channel count guarantee this will be so. Even my XBOX in HD mode is mostly 480p, not even 720p, because the games don't support it. So, I'm stuck with SD. And the 720p Samsung DLP sets do a pretty bad job with SD. The pixelation on the large sets was really bad. I guess there weren't enough pixels in 720p to run a good edge-blurring algorithm without killing the image sharpness so they stuck with sharpness at the price of pixelation. Anyway, they have made huge improvements in this area. A great test is to look at overlaid text on the old 720p sets vs. the new 1080p. On the old sets, you could count the pixels in each text character and trace each little zip-zag between them. On the new 1080p's, you can't see the pixelation in the text at all if looking from a distance. If you look really close at the 1080p, you can actually see their blurring algorithm in action. You can see the color of the text smeared out away from the text into adjacent pixels - this is a side effect of the way these algorithms work and isn't really noticeable from a distance. So, they have basically fixed the old problem on these new 1080p sets and SD looks good on them. I guess one caveat is that I was only able to look at a 50" set and perhaps the old problems re-emerge on a big set like a 67" or 71". We shall see.
Another note on pixelation: looking really closely at the set, there is very little gap between pixels. Almost no grid effect, unlike all the LCD projection TVs that inherently suffer from this problem. I guess part of why there is so little grid effect is the wobulation technique Samsung uses. It works. Looks good.

(7) Glare
Liked the anti-glare screen on the 1080p better than any of the others in the showroom. Looked good. Not perfect but good enough.

(8) Nits
What's with the huge, tacky, TV Guide logo permanently painted on the remote!?! Terrible! If that remote turned out to be any good for ongoing use (unlikely), I still wouldn't be able to use it due to the huge tacky TV Guide logo. Its much bigger than the Samsung logo and instead of being subtle its big red & white on the dark colored remote. Give me a break. They should just peacefully admit defeat, that the TV Guide magazine is doomed, and go out of business without torturing us all as they go! A few weeks ago the same logo appeared on my DISH Network online program guide. .

(9) Concerns

I am an XBOX user and I require that this new TV work perfectly with video games, hence noticeable lag is not acceptable. I did not have an opportunity to test the lag issue, although Magnolia did offer to let me bring in my XBOX and play on their demo unit. Nice of them and I may do it if we don't soon get 10 reviews on here listing the results of the same test. This is now my biggest and only remaining worry about buying this set. So please, run this test and post the results including use of all the various input options!

Contrast – Outstanding most blacks were close to perfect, whites were quite bright. This set clearly stood out from the others on display once I got it on a HD channel.

Color – as mentioned the color was extremely vivid. Very realistic

Detail – The amount of detail that I could see was truly amazing – every wrinkle on the actor’s faces eyes etc.

Brightness – Tried it in standard mode, enhanced and movie. Standard made this set nearly twice as bright as the others, very impressive.

Pixilation – did see this on occasion but was mainly on SD with poor reception so I don’t think it was fair to judge on this. HD has occasional pixilation and jitter but I suspect signal related as I saw a few times signal lost messages.

Menus – These were great, especially the custom color setting where there is a stunning photo and the screen is split where you see before and after as you make your adjustments makes it easy to see the changes you are making. No comparison with 720 vs. 1080 on photos with high resolution, which should also translate to quality 1080 I reception as well. Text on the screen is where this is also very noticeable, clean text versus jagged on the 720 screens.
Screen glare – I liked the screen much better than others. The area was fairly dark but there was light which did reflect somewhat but at least I couldn’t see reflections of items behind me in the store as I could on some of the Mitsubishis.

Bottom line we are in for a real treat. It will be worth the wait.________________________________________________________
I have the 6168; have been so amazed it is hard to pull yourself away. Anyway here are a few observations:
Motion Artifacts - I suspect that must have been your source as I have not seen this. I did have some similar issues with SD quality until I adjusted my DCT 6412 HD DVR STB to output 1080i and 480p for SD, this made a huge difference in SD and was a big relief as I was at first very disappoint with SD. It is now good, though I would rather watch a nature show in HD that a great show in SD.

Brightness: Truly amazing as better than my old Sony 27" Tube. Movie mode is good for night but I like Standard mode for day as I have a good amount of light in my room.

Viewing Angle: Someone earlier asked about a 45 Degree angle. I have a chair that is at the same angle and the PQ is excellent. Currently The TV is on a stand that has is about 1 foot too high viewing at 8.5' sorry didn't calc the angle but is outstanding PQ still.

Color: Right out of the box the color was outstanding. Very bright and true, I am not an expert but everyone who has come to my house to see it says how the colors are amazing

DVD’s: Have connected to a SS 950 up shifting DVD via the included HDMI cable, picture at 1080i is excellent, near HD but not quite as good as HD 1080i content. Monsters Inc. is exceptional. I haven't seen any Macro blocking at all.

Sync: The only area I see an issue here is DVD’s if I keep sound on the TV and the AVR there is an echo. I then Turn the volume to off on the TV and seems OK. I will need to do more testing on this as the two movies I have watched this way weren't good to see if the audio is now out of line with the lip movements. (Monsters and Star Wars EP I) My connection is HDMI DVD to TV, and Toslink DVD to AVR.

Rainbows: Haven't seen any nor has anyone who has seen it at my house.SD: On some content I did see some stair step effect on angled items (i.e. pen being held at a 45 Degree angle or someone’s shoulder. This seems to be on channels that are perhaps analog or of lower quality. If I watch CBS in SD I don't see this at all. Especially once I changed the output mode of the STB to the 1080i / 480p.

Overall: The best TV I have ever seen, bar none. I have not seen the Sony Qualia Though. Friends that have come over are in shock at the quality and are asking about the power buy. Highly recommend it.

So to summarize:

Best HDTV I have seen to date (the wife and daughter were blown away).

Everything seems to get at least .1 second lag, no additional lag on PS2 for the one game we tried.

1080i HD was better than DVD. DVD was good enough were source artifacts were the predominant distraction.

Picture overall had excellent color, brightness, contrast etc. MOVIE mode would probably be my standard picture setting.

No rainbows and not SDE.

I got my HLR6178W today and set it up to a few inputs so far.

The set looks great!
It is definitely more attractive to my eye than the HLM/HLN/HLP sets. I like the glossy black bezel. I don't like the small "pedestal" underneath and likely will remove this soon. I'd imagine it is attached with screws. I've got it set up with my TW Cable SA 8300HD DVR using component and the picture quality is amazing...can't wait to get an HDMI cable and see what the improvement looks like, I can't imagine it getting better!

SD stuff looks pretty good too.

My kids are currently playing xbox hooked up to the tv via the xbox hd component pack and using wireless controllers - no lag at all between movements on the controllers vs what you see on the screen - happens just like it should.

No problems with lip synch, but I'm not splitting the audio out to a reciever (yet).

Everyone still waiting for their sammy to show up should be VERY excited, this is one amazing looking set!

I received my HL-R6168W late this afternoon and have been absolutely

amazed at the PQ.

I have been mainly watching various DVD’s and DVD scenes on my

Denon DVD-3910 via "up-converted" 1080i over HDMI but have also

been checking out HDNET and Discovery HD via Dish Network's

942 HD DVR via 1080i HDMI. I have made no effort to calibrate the

picture yet since the PQ "out of the box" is pretty incredible.

Wow! The colors in the opening scenes of "House of a Thousand Daggers" is

simply amazing on this set. Color was very good on my JVC D-ILA ( one of its

stronger points ) but compared to this set the colors looked very washed out.
Colors are deep with blue looking blue, red looking red, etc. I have not seen

a single rainbow yet but this is my first DLP that I have owned and I have never

seen a rainbow in any store on any friend's set.

The "Cave Scene" in Tomb Raider II literally blew me away. The shadow detail

is utterly amazing for a rear projector and its hard to imagine this particular

scene looking any better - and the source is only 480i! Viewing various other

scenes, I have noticed the shadow detail on this unadjusted set is the best I

have seen on a rear projection TV, but still has much room for improvement to

rival high end 9 in. CRTs. But the blacks are as good if not better than what I

have seen on many but not all CRTs.

The opening scenes of Gladiator, which I also viewed on the Mits 1080p DLP

52 in., looked just as incredible. In these I could see most if not all of the

shadow detail. The scene looked pretty much the same on the Mits as the

Sammy and I am assuming the Mits was unadjusted as is mine at this point.
Needless to state my JVC D-ILA made much of this shadow detail look like "mud".

There is very little macroblocking from the Denon DVD-3910 on this set. I have

to really look for it in most scenes to even see it there ever so slightly. There

have been a few scenes were it was briefly more evident. The MB on the

1080p DLP Mits was more noticable on the same scenes but I am not sure


HDNET and Discovery HD look stunning - I just watched some of 'Choopers"

and really noticed the increase in detail as well how much more the colors

'pop" on this set. The blacks are really black - hard to believe how much

of a difference this makes - its been a couple years since I had CRT in

the house.

Most of the other HD channels look pretty bad. It is obvious a great deal

of compression is being used in their broadcast. Besides HDNET and

Discovery HD it looks like we will have to wait for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

to really take advantage of what this set has to offer.

Well, back to drooling over the content my new 1080p DLP TV...

My two SD Tivos are connected via SVideo. The picture is good. Better than my Toshiba CRT (professionally calibrated). I expected much worst. No digital artifacts like noisy edges or blocking. No lip sync issues either. There seemed to be a small 1/2" horizontal band at the top of the screen that seems to exhibit noise or slight snow. It isn't really all that noticeable unless you make it a point to look up towards the top. I haven't tried the other SVideo input (I will tonight). The other inputs did not contain the same horizontal band.

DVD Sammy 950 connected via HDMI. The picture is really nice. Not as good as HD Tivo or HD Cable @ 1080i, but very good. No artifact issues, blacks are great. Slight lip sync issue. Not bad though. The picture might be better than what I observed. I only scanned through the I Robot DVD briefly.

HD Cable (Moxi) connected direct via component. I tried all the different scaling options (480p, 720p, 1080i), I settled on the 1080i. The picture was noticeably better at 1080i. It added a bit more edge noise, but otherwise, the picture is stunning. I watched part of that INXS Rock Star show (one of the worst shows I've ever seen...zero talent). I felt this would be a pretty good show to watch and allow the 6168 show what it could do since most of the program is shot on stage. Lots of colored lights, back lighting, chrome, close ups The picture was unbelievable. You could see individual hairs on the performers with no noise or edge artifacts. Lots of fast moving camera work. No issues with compression etc. A flawless picture. The only draw back was there was a bit of a lip sync issue. It seemed at one point, it was really bad, but it was right after I toggled from 480p to 1080i. Once I FF'd through the commercial, it was gone. I think by pausing, FF, REW, or some other picture modification might have corrected the problem.

HDTivo connected direct via HDMI. Once again, incredible picture. 1080i seems to be the best scaling option here as well. I watched part of an ESPNHD baseball game. Crystal clear. No issues at all. Discovery HD looked incredible as well. As others have reported, the lip sync issue makes it unwatchable. At least a 1/4 second behind the audio. (Seems to be a DirecTV issue with this channel.) I watched a couple of HD movie channels. Great picture as well. Slight lip sync issue with all channels to be honest. None (other than Discovery HD) is all that bad. Still irritating nonetheless.

For the lip sync issue, I have already ordered the Felston DD540. I will connect the HD Cable and HDTivo to it. My current pre/pro (Outlaw 950) only offers audio compensation based on the distance you sit from all five speakers. Counterproductive in this case. The Felston will correct the lip sync issues, and IMO, a great investment if you want to get the most out of this TV and the overall HT experience.

Once I put a couple of hundred hours on it, I will have an ISF tech calibrate it. Should improve colors and blacks (right now, colors and blacks are the best I've seen on any DLP set).

I would say my highlights are:

Great HD picture

Once calibrated, the colors are unreal

3D is a reality (my neighbor's first comment..."it looks 3D!!)

Easy picture set up for basic functions


Lip sync issue (corrected by the Felston)

With no video switching, toggling through the inputs, switching the audio, and entering the source is a bit of a hassle even with everything programmed into a HTM MX500 remote. Since the TV uses a toggle feature to switch inputs, I'm unable to develop a macro to do all three since I have four components feeding directly to the TV. I can only switch the audio and source. The video input toggle, I have to switch manually.

____________________________________________________________ _
Received my 5078 on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately I think it fell off the Donkey on the way here!

The bezel is all smashed on the left side near the "Anynet" logo.

Luckily TVA is being top notch to resolve the issue.

Besides that the TV looks incredible. I have a an older proscan DVD player ( connected via composite ) that is doing a great job. No hints of any lip sync issues yet.

I also spent a large amount of time playing with my Xbox. So far I have tried "KOTOR 2", "Doom", "Conker" and Forza without any noticeable lag or issues.

____________________________________________________________ _
I got my 6168 on Monday and have been tweaking it and watching a variety of DVD's on it. I did the THX optimization, adjusting the contrast/brightness etc. (THX opt. is on the Incredibles DVD among others). To me the color and brightness is just amazing. I spent some cash and got the Denon 2910 DVD player with upconversion and black level enhancer. WOW. The HDMI to the TV really made a quality difference as the up conversion doesn't work over component cables.

____________________________________________________________ _
Picture: With Component it is drop dead gorgeous. Can't wait to get HDMI up and running. Will start with DVE this evening if time else this weekend. SD via E* is good. I can definitely handle the picture. Beats any other Projection screen I have seen. It puts the 50" plasma we have at work to shame...the source is split cable though.

The attachment is American Chopper off HDNET. Awesome detail. I am blown away!

The HLR5678W that I was using for testing at Magnolia HiFi in San Ramon on Tuesday was right next to the Qualia 006. I don't think it is necessarily fair to compare a 56" set to a 70", but the Qualia lacked the impact of the Samsung. They are both great sets. But, I preferred the Samsung by a safe margin. In the words of the Magnolia staff member helping me, "I wonder what Sony is going to do now." The only fair comparison is to compare a Samsung 67" or 71" to the Sony ... so that will have to wait a couple of weeks. Magnolia is planning to focus on the larger sizes and they are moving out the smaller sets ... so I will be able to compare the Qualia to a Samsung soon.

But, to just set your expectation correctly (I know you saw these at CES) the Qualia has a look closer to the Samsung 720p sets in terms of contrast ... while the Samsung 1080p is in another league. When they are right next to each other it is apparent and I like the higher contrast ratio look significantly better.

____________________________________________________________ _
Qualia 06 is old hat at this point - and I agree - I'll take my Sammy 1080p DLP even if they were the same price! I believe Sony is going to have to deliver

with the SXRD models later this year.

You got to love competition - it greatly benefits consumers...

____________________________________________________________ _
6168 arrived yesterday. About 1 hour setting up the stand (instructions were pretty good) and another 1 hour setting up all the components and wires. Took about 43 seconds to hook up the TV, just the 5 component cables from the cable box and power cord. TV came right on and ...

Yep, it's stunning!
No fine tuning at all. So glad I returned the D-ILA for the 1080p. It's really crisp where the D-ILA was fuzzy to me. I am thoroughly pleased with this set. And, yes, I do see the lip synch delay on all channels with sound sent through my old (5 years) Kenwood AVR. No delay of course when you use the TV speakers, so a real nice echo when you use both. The delay does not bother me (like the fuzz of the D-ILA) but I'll probably go for a new AVR with adjustable delay (which one should I buy?)

Anybody worried about whether or not this set will meet expectations should relax. It's a sock blower!

I know I can't quite make satisfactorily objective observations about the PQ of this set yet, as it's my first large screen, HDTV experience. Take my comments for what you think they're worth. The more time we spend with the 5078, the more impressed we become. At 9' on something like a 20 degree diagonal, my wife can sit up straight or lie down on the couch with no appreciable detriment to the brightness and contrast of the picture. I've never seen this before in a Samsung DLP ... I've always seen a quick drop-off with vertical changes in viewing position. I'm assuming the higher contrast is really helping the set here. It's uniformly bright corner to corner, and when fed a decent source the colors can be just jaw-droppingly natural and rich for a microdisplay RPTV.____________________________________________________________
I've had my 6168 for a few days now and am still thrilled. My HD receiver isn't here yet, but even some of the SD channels from DirecTV are terrific.

I've connected a couple of laptops thru the VGA connection and have gotten a decent display of the windows desktop though not at the highest resolution and limited success with any sort of video.

____________________________________________________________ _
I went to Fry's electronics today to see the new 1080P Samsungs. They had a 56 inch model on display. I felt it had a VERY nice picture, BUT not a LOT nicer than many other lower priced TV's on display. It was slightly better than the standard Samsung DLP's, and Sony Grand Wega IV's, but I wasn't saying WOW when I watched it. It was a sports program on HDNet...maybe some other material would impress more. The 50-inch plasmas nearby really blew it away for picture quality. The salesman was not thrilled with the new Sammy’s either..he felt they are overpriced for the slight gain in performance, and said a good plasma 50 inch will blow away all the Rear Projection TV's in the store.

I am watching a show about Comets on Discovery HD via 1080i HDMI from

my Dish network 941 with unaltered Dynamic mode and I have never seen

a better picture in my life. It really looks 3D!
There is a shot when the host

moves his arm in and out of the screen and I had to blink to make sure I

wasn't seeing things. I am recording this on my 942 as a demo scene for

friends and family. Un-frig'in'-believable!

I have to really question the source components when I hear people that are

under whelmed because I have done nothing yet to calibrate the picture on my


Movie mode in a darkened room with DVD’s with dark content and Dynamic

mode for broadcasts like Discovery HD, etc. seem to work great "right out

of the box"!

Ditto. Fry's here in the San Francisco area has the distinction of being able to take an awesome 1080p TV and make it look no better than a 720p (which is not being displayed that well either). Find a high-end retailer with a nice setup if you want to get an idea of what these TV's can do.

____________________________________________________________ _
BTW Went to Showcase here in Phoenix last night and the 6178 they had there was amazing! Can't wait for my 6168

____________________________________________________________ _
Well-I just received my 6168 yesterday and have three words to describe it- WOW...WOW...WOW. No rainbows, no lip sync problems, great blacks, just one terrific picture- even on SD. I connected the AVR via the audio outputs on the television. The picture is connected via the DVI input. I repeat-no lip sync problems!! DVD is also terrific via my Denon 2910. I have a first generation Toshiba HD, CRT television. So, I am comparing the 6168 to that, and there is no comparison. I am so pleased, and the resolution is so great, that I am having second thoughts at not getting the 6768. My room size is 13'6" x 13'6". That’s the reason I limited the size to the 61". However, after viewing the resolution, I possibly could have handled the 67". I am still using the factory settings. Has anyone used Video Essentials to calibrate the set, and if so what were your settings??? Even better, has anyone had their set professionally calibrated, and if so what are the settings????

All you folks waiting for your 68's, be patient. It's well worth the wait and you won't be disappointed.____________________________________________________________ _
Jerry, I could not have said it better, except perhaps WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

I watched a HD PPV on Dish last night called Bugs ( originally IMAX ) in movie

mode. The screen completely disappeared and the contrast and detail literally

blew me away - I'm also missing a pair of socks :

I have never seen anything like this before! Frig'in AMAZING!

The 67 in. is tempting but I would like to see the execution of it first. The 6168 in

movie mode is a tad dark so a very dark viewing environment works best and I

suspect the 6768 will be even darker...

____________________________________________________________ _
Saw the HLR5078 again today and I continue to be very impressed, even at 12' viewing distance. Didn't get a chance to hook up a Panny S97 though. Anyway, time to close the sale and get it home.

Personally I have never seen a better picture on a RP in my life. It is

detailed, crisp, vivid - simply incredible. Certainly nothing but the

Qualia 06 even comes close, in my opinion.


Well it was an interesting experience. Fry's in Burbank finally put out a 5668 on display. I've been bugging them for nearly the two weeks that they have had 6168s and 5668s in receiving. They just had no interest in doing anything with them.

They placed the 5668 between an RCA 61" DLP and a Panasonic ~56". They were all fed from the same loop, HDSports channel via component input. The Samsung was clearly better than the RCA unit hands down, before I even got my hands on a remote control. I immediately reset the video controls to default. I was puzzled in that the Samsung and Panasonic were very close in picture quality. I tinkered with the video controls for awhile, putting them close what lot of people are ending up using. The brightness of the two displays were very close, the black detail was markedly better on the Samsung and the detail resolution was clearly better on the Samsung. But you had to look close to see the differences. Standing back I preferred the Samsungs overall appearance. I finally checked the Panasonic model (I had assumed that it was a microdisplay as Fry's had put the entire back in that type). I was astonished to find that it was an HD plasma.

My mind is now made up, the 6168 will look great. This is the first RP that I would consider to replace my 36" HD XBR. ____________________________________________________________

TV: Samsung HL-R6178W:

I went to Tweeter and took a look at it since I’ve been reading up on it since March and it finally came out. I compared it to the 67 series, other manufacturers, and the Sony Qualia, and the picture is amazing. I even turned caption on, and noticed the text was a lot crisper than the 67 and Qualia. What’s amazing is that on the 6178, they are using diamond shaped overlapping pixels that make it virtually impossible to see up close. I don’t have an extremely large living room and will be sitting about 8 feet away, so I was worried about getting a 61 inch, but I think it will be really good with the new 6178 model. Even up close it looked good and didn’t notice pixels____________________________________________________________
Received my 5668W today - set is working perfectly! So far I am really happy with it, and was REALLY impressed by the VGA quality... I was also surprised how good SD looks on this set. I have seen a few rainbows - mostly on high contrast scenes... Played back a few 1080P windows media files and they look amazing as expected.. I played a few Xbox games and did not experience any lag either... Here is a pic that I snapped with the set hooked up to my PC playing back 3dmark 2005...


Pretty amazing stuff in person... DVD's also look good with zoom player and FFDShow... Expect more pictures soon.

____________________________________________________________ _
My new Samsung HLR5688W finally arrived late this afternoon. All I can say based on first impressions to this point... WOW!!! I never before I ever seen any picture even close to the quality of this masterpiece. It's breath-taking image using Direct TV with a 1080i input through HDMI and up converted to 1080p is out of this world beautiful. And the sets awesome contrast ratio does give a sort of 3D look to many of the HD channels as I have read others comment about. As it's only day one with my new baby I plan to begin running it through many tests using all inputs. Hopefully, sometime tomorrow I will be able post a more in-depth breakdown of my initial experience along with many photos of my new 'Capt. Kirk' 88 series.

So it seems to me that this lip sync issue is very dependent on all kinds of factors, and it will not keep me from enjoying my new TV at all. The colors, brightness, and resolution are outstanding using factory defaults, and I don't think I will even bother with purchasing a calibration disc. When the winter gets here and I'm bored I may tinker with the settings a bit, and maybe by then there will be more input on what others have found works best.

A few hours later, my cable company came over and hooked up my cable card and gave me HD service! Upon seeing the picture, the cable-card installer said, "Wow, I've never seen a TV with a picture this good!"I couldn't be happier!


Went to Magnolia today in Phoenix to check out the 6168 again. Picture quality was clearly the best in the room. The pixel density was clearly noticeable, resulting in a smooth pixel-free picture. From a few feet away you couldn't see any pixel structure unlike the wall of 720p TVs all around it where the pixel structure was very noticeable.

Also, the matte screen is a clear positive differentiator from the glare screens on most other models and the one I have lived with for the last several years.

Stood back to take a look for the lag and I have to say it was evident. I watched a wall of 10 or so TVs switch between scenes in unison, with the Samsung slightly behind the entire group. In fact the other 9 or so TVs were in unison and Samsung was lagged behind.

As a result, I think you will see lag with video games, without a doubt, and with audio, but there are clear workarounds for each (like GAME mode for video games and a receiver with audio delay settings.)

Don't get me wrong, I am planning on buying the 6768, but everybody needs to go into this purchase understanding these two shortfalls and methods to overcome them.


I was in the Mag HiFi inYorba Linda yesterday. Seen the 6168 setup was stb over DirecTV watching American Chopper. The TV was set up about a week ago and the settings were set from out of the box. How I know? I asked for the remote and he had to retrieve it out of the bag it was sent in. Never was used. Anyway my viewing distance comprised of 18" yes 18" to 25'.At 18" i seen a grainy picture and that was it. No pixelation none. Was very impressive. The Blacks were very deep and could see the creases in the t-shirts.2 seems really stuck out.1 the dude was wearing blue tint sunglasses and i could see the camera man in the reflection, it was if I was looking into a mirror amazing. The other seen was they were blowing off steam playing golf. The cameraman was in the ball collection machine, the cage was as if you were there looking out yourself. The cage was black as black and could reach out and touch it. The most amazing was these guys were trying to hit this guy and 1 did. You could see the ball coming and hit, cage shook and the clarity was unbelievable, and the ball bounced back to the guys hitting it. I have seen the ball on its entire path. What can I say WOW.I hope the 88's are that fabulous. My 2 cents


Got my 6178

Set up my 6178 yesterday...think I was the second Tweeters delivery in Texas. Short notes until I can report more: PQ insanely good. No rainbows. DVD's incredible....so far, I'm blown away!! Love my 6178__________________________________________________________
The Sound Advice Clearwater has the 5078 and the 6178 on display. The 50" was setting right next to the 720P and even from across the room you could see the difference. Hurry 6768.


The HLR 6178W is on display at Electronics Expo in Woodbridge NJ. Picture was bright clear and sharp. To my eye there was a significant difference to the 720P sets it was next to. It would be worth it for me. Viewing conditions were pretty good. Dimmed lighting in side room.


We have had our 6168 (bought through the Power Buy) for two weeks now and it is incredible!

I am stunned by the PQ -- both HD and SD. I had seen the prototype sets at CES in January so the HD quality (bright, clear colors, good dark scene detail and blacks; almost 3-D impact) is what I expected. It's unbelievable that this quality (1080p, 5000:1 contrast, etc.) and form factor (only 18" deep and light enough for my wife to help lift, unlike our last direct-view sets!) are available for the Power Buy price.

What has surprised me the most is the SD quality of the DIRECTV feeds (from our HD DIRECTV TiVo DVR feeding through the HDMI connection). We don't use any trick display modes (Panoramic, or any of the stretch modes) and very few artifacts are noticeable, even when I'm looking for them. Discovery, SciFi, etc. are all great! Pry_to_me had reported that his "Picture and sound is amazing for HD broadcasts. The only complaint I have is the picture quality with standard television, which is god awful." I can only guess that the problem is with his cable source (analog?) because I was just amazed by the SD quality.

I'll look forward to trying some self-calibration once the bulb burns in a bit, but right out of the box this set is everything I hoped for, and even more!


Yesterday I watched a 6168 showing HD Discovery and then Ice Age via an HD950 at BB Magnolia in Huntington, LI.
While initially watching the HD Discovery, the lack of any apparent pixels was baseline the most amazing part of the PQ. While there were still some movement artifacts they were incredibly minor, but the real proof of the standout performance was the DVD.

There was a 10k Elite 60? Inch plasma nearby which yes, was incredible (and 3x the price!) And by he way, once again the Pioneer Elite looks to me to be the class of the whole field and yes I’ve seen the Qualia a number of times - didn’t look at the model # as I don’t even want to think about buying that Pioneer Elite (why isn’t Pioneer Elite a bigger factor in this market???)

But when we turned on ice age using the included hdmi cable and being BB Magnolia no tweaking I was floored at the PQ.

Just incredible contrast as far as both blacks - and whites when looking at small snowflakes I couldn’t see on a 720p. Absolutely no artifacts, absolutely no pixels and no I couldn’t for the life of me hear an sync issues.

As far as I am concerned, after having seen a preproduction xx68 model in April and having been amazed, this floor model at BB was even better.

I'm happy to say that I take delivery on Saturday from a very reputable dealer on LI called Appliance Center in Northport at a very aggressive price.

I now am thinking that I am going to take a pass on a $150 tweak job.

I will be using Cablevision IO with hdvr to start, buying the 950 and then looking for a new hdmi avr.

I have b&w's all around with a pioneer elite recvr.

Never been a sports fan on TV; but this year I expect to throw a super bowl party and have a feeling some of my friends that usually go to other parties might come to mine.

Have had my 6168 for about a week now and sitting about 9' away. I think the primary issue for me regarding distance has been the programming I'm watching. On most HD shows and high-quality DVDs (SS 950), I could be comfortable viewing a couple of feet closer (7 feet). But with SD, at 9', I almost wish I could move back another foot or so. That said, I think I selected the perfect size for my viewing area. VERY HAPPY


Fry's Electronics in SF Bay Area has the new models in just about every store. I watched 6168 today in Concord. I was simply stunned with PQ despite very inept technicians. Folks, to my eyes, the difference between this set and ANY other set in the store is simply incredible. This includes all plasmas and LCD sets that they have on display. I was watching Discovery on Dish via component. There was a 6167 right next to the new model, as well as 5087 Captain Kirk and several JVC, Sony, and Mitsubishi sets. IMO and based on my viewing, it's simply not worth spending any more cycles debating whether these 1080p sets represent an improvement over previous Samsung or other 720p sets. The difference is just stunning, immediately obvious, and truly remarkable. No, I am sorry, it's not just a tad better or too close to tell. It is much, much better (at least to my eyes) in every category that I care about, including contrast, sharpness, natural color reproduction, lack of artifacts, etc. I've been visiting this store for many months, comparing TVs and dealing with usually dreadful settings that in-store technicians leave on. The new models have the best picture quality I have ever seen, which means that my search for the new TV is over.

On a separate note, the total lack of care displayed by Fry's personnel when connecting TVs and moving them around was shocking. It made me cringe. I watched in amazement as they dragged and dropped TVs that were still on, yanking the power and component cables out as they got stretched to limits. The treatment this TV received on the floor at Fry's could be rougher than any potential abuse during shipment.

First Impression

I have a brand spanking new 5668 and I love it
New to HD but I'm hooked on Discovery HD now.

I do see lip sync so I will be upgrading to eliminate that issue.

As I'm new to HD and this is my first HD TV I can only honestly say that HD content is spectacular

Plan to hook up the xbox tomorrow to see if notice button lag/

The 56-inch Samsung is superb! I've got Comcast Digital Cable service with a Comcast CableCard in the TV. I ran a optical audio cable from the TV to my new Yamaha RX-V4600 receiver. Video out from the receiver is connected to the Samsung via component video cables, because the Yamaha on-screen menus are not available via the receiver's HDMI ports. I've got an ancient Sony DVP-S3000 DVD player connected to the Yamaha via S-video and an ancient ReplayTV PVR connected to the Yamaha via S-video. The Yamaha can upconvert all S-video inputs to component video (sadly, not to HDMI), so video from the DVD player and ReplayTV PVR are delivered to the HLR5668W through the receiver via the aforementioned component video cables.

Some observations: HDTV via Comcast cable is absolutely stunning -- better than I ever imagined it could be. I can also confirm that 5.1 audio is passed from the Samsung optical audio output port to the receiver. I can clearly see the Yamaha RX-V4600 indicate 5.1 Dolby Digital -- if the HDTV feed is supplying 5.1 audio. Otherwise, the receiver defaults to Pro Logic mode when only two-channel audio is present.

Even the picture quality from my old Sony DVD player is very, very good on the Samsung. The old Sony is a pre-progressive scan unit, so it's delivering 480i video to the Samsung. The Samsung does an amazing job of upconverting to 1080p -- and I have seen no evidence of lip-sync issues. I was planning to upgrade my DVD player, but I don't think I can get much better than what I've got. It's that good!

The old ReplayTV PVR is standard definition, of course. While it works well, and the Samsung does a credible job of displaying SD source material, I've just got to get to work on building an HTPC that can handle HDTV recording and playback. Once you see a good high-def signal on this Samsung, there's no going back to SD.



- We couldn't get any sound out of 8300 on HDMI1 - but no biggie since I use surround system

- PQ on 1080 HD channels is AWESOME!!!- Color is excellent, though the greens seem a bit light. Blues are excellent.

- SD is pretty crappy after watching HD. All my favorites are now HD channels

- My screen (projection) seems like it is not straight, as it dips slightly on right side. Can this be fixed?

- Barely noticeable lip synch issues via surround system with cable

- Big time lip synch issues with Oppo DVDs. Again, Optical out to Denon. Anybody else see this and have a way to adjust? The OPPO has an audio adjustment from 10 to 50ms, but it did not seem to help.

Other than that, I am a happy camper


So I went to Magnolia in San Ramon, CA. This place is super organized and neat compared to Fry's in Concord. They have Qualia prominently on display. Sammy 5678 was right next to it and so was a DLP model by Mitsubishi. Pioneer Elite Plasma was in adjacent room that was much brighter. I spent about an hour checking out these sets using Discovery 1080i feed via component.

Again, for the record, all 720p sets are simply no match for the new Sammy (IMO). This applies to plasma sets as well. The difference in resolution is just too large and too obvious to ignore (to my eyes). Sammy 5678 was right next to 5067. In addition to resolution, the brightness of this set was noticeably better even though it was turned down quite a bit. Detail resolution in darker scenes and really beautiful natural rendition of skin tones were much better with the new 1080p set.

This was the first time I saw Qualia. My apologies to Sony fans, but I was completely underwhelmed especially given the Sammy 1080p right next to it. Both the Qualia and Pioneer Elite Plasma (as well as Mitsubishi right next to Qualia) have one fundamental design flaw that is totally unacceptable to me: screen glare. Even though Qualia was in a darker room, I kept staring into the reflections of light fixtures on the ceiling behind me. When I got closer, I could see my face really easily. It was so distracting (even though I like my face). The Elite plasma was in an even brighter room, and reflections were just too annoying. I could never buy any of these TVs for my living room because I have a bright room, and large sliding back yard doors are behind my couch.

In contrast, Sammy 5678 had absolutely zero glare (save for the black bezel around the screen). It was much more enjoyable to watch. After I walked out, there was no doubt in my mind that Sammy 1080p is the set to buy.

Quick first thoughts on 5668

Cable: SD looks like SD. It doesn't look any better blown-up to 56". Overscan is minimal. Scanned for unscrambled HD content - no luck.

Pioneer DV-373 DVD player (through component): It only took a little tweaking the "film" mode setting to produce an excellent picture. I haven't seen the rainbow effect. There was no pixellation and no screen-door effect. Action scenes, even very busy ones, were very smooth. This was extremely important to me, as I have seen these flaws on every other DLP, LCD and Plasma set (along with smearing). Contrast was nearly at CRT level. Perhaps with calibration...?

XBox: Looks great on standard settings. Healthy lag on DEAD OR ALIVE and HALO. Probably won't be too bad for casual gamers, but you hard-core types will have to learn to react in advance. Try the force.

Audio lag (through optical from source to AVR): Yep. 80 to 100 milliseconds. I did not watch enough cable tv to see if there was any lag through the internals with cable.

PQ is amazing on 1080 resolution. Very impressed. Digital pictures from canon camera looks superb. Haven't got so much satisfaction form the purchase lately.

For all those who are still debating on 6168 purchase --- go for it. Look no further. This is the one 1080p set to have.


I ordered (2) 6178's from onecall.com on Tuesday, and they were delivered via Fedex Freight 9:00am on Thursday.

Both sets (my brother's & mine) were awesome right out of the box!! I did some minor video tweaking, but I'm waiting for my SpyderTV to arrive next week to do anything serious.

I watched football on ESPNHD and was totally blown away. This is how God wants us to see football!!

I palyed some DVD's and, again, I was amazed at the detail in the picture. There were lip-synch issues on one DVD, but I attribute that to the player (Onkyo SP1000) which is noted to have lip-synching issues.

SD, well, it's SD. It still looks better than on the Sony LCD RPTV it replaced.

Overall, I am very pleased with my buying decision.


Got my 5668 yesterday. Comcast cable didn’t have cable slot cards so I got the 8300hd. With the 8300hd connected through the HDMI I get great pic on all channels (SD and HD). Optical out to my receiver I get a very small amount of lip sync. The lip sync is not visible but with the TV volume turned up I can hear an echo. Same hook-up for my Samsung DVD-VR325 and same results. Since I do not have a cable card yet I didn’t expect must from the TV’s tuner and that is exactly what I got. Because the TV fits everything coming in the tuner to 16:9 the SD looks bad to say the lest. If you go through the menu and change the format to 4:3 it looks OK. Let me tell you though when the TV gets a good HD signal there is nothing like it. Absolutely breathe taking. Both the Comcast HD channels and DVD just blew me away. I actually saw rain in the football game without the camera pointing to the lights. I notice the arena getting lighter as it started to rain. I assume from the light reflecting off the rain. Speaking of football game here is my biggest complaint for this TV. There is no SWAP PIP button on the remote. With all the PIP features you can’t do anything with them without going through 4 layers of menus. I was very upset when I discovered this and was even madder when I realized that the most likely place for this button to have been placed was where the DNIe all important demo button was. Please Samsung get a brain and replace the DNIe demo button with a swap pip button. I guess a macro will have to do for now. After watching some more HD I calmed back down


Since visual memory is many orders of magnitude better than auditory memory, I was satisfied with swapping tvs with the same input cable/source. The Samsung had significantly less pixelization than the Mitsu during that comparison. This was by no means a double blind study, but I did learn that by keeping one variable constant (the source), no matter how poor the source, you could tell when a poor source looked worse. In short, after spending time with the Sony Qualia, the JVC LCoS, and the Mitsubishis, IMHO, the Samsung took the lead. Mind you, this source was the standard Mitsubishi "infomercial" on what the salesman called a "hard drive." I'm done shopping....TVAuth. has my order for the 6168! When I get my set in 2 weeks (hopefully), I'll share my experiences with you guys.

Maybe something that's missing here is some measure of how much better the 1080p sets look relative to the 720p sets. Is it night and day? No! Is the 1080p twice as good as the 720p? Probably not! Is the 1080p half as good again (i.e. 50% better) than the 720p? Maybe! Is the 1080p 10-20% or 25% better than the 720p? Yes, I would say so. This is a lot like the debates that regular go on over in the DVD players forum about whether a 720p/1080i upconvert DVD player is that much better than a regular 480i/p DVD player. Its not a huge improvement but more like 20-25% to me. In either case, I suppose what it all boils down to is how much better you expect it to be and how much better you think it is after viewing. That may be little or nothing to some people.

My new 6168 just arrived today. I haven't had a lot of time to play with it, but initial viewing of Fellowship of the Ring through an upconverting Toshiba DVD recorder via HDMI looked great. Colors in dark scenes seemed a bit off, but otherwise the picture looks great, and I haven't noticed lip sync issues yet. Cable guy is coming by soon to hook up an HD PVR.


I finally was able to see a 6178 at Tweeters today. It looked very good and was sitting next to a Mits 61" 720P. I really didn't like the glare on the Mits screen, but the salesman said that the screen was removable. Huh?

The picture on the Sammy looked better than the Mits, but I didn't see a huge difference. From the comments on this board, I guess that I was expecting to see a bigger difference. It could have been the set up, it could have been the source material, but the differences were in the "details." Both had a great picture.

This TV Rocks, 6178, My Review!!

OK, sit down, shut up and hold on, here is my review for the 6178W TV.

I am real impressed with the look of this TV, where the speakers and TV are in one unit. It gives it a cleaner look, a "Classical" look and feel.

1. No Glare, unlike the other makers.

2. Bright, Sharp, and warm picture, very clear too only on the 1080p format.

The other formats, even over the air signal is not great. But HD is AWESOME. I am very impressed. Satellite is awesome, which I have. You need it for this TV.

3. Lip sync and lag big time, but I corrected that with my Onkyo THX ULTRA Receiver. I also mute the TV while listening through my speakers. No lag now.

4. Super quiet fan, no color purple on the wall. Cant see it anyway.

5. It fits real nicely on the Samsung TV stand that I got for it. The one we have be all taking about with dimensions.... The TRX61SB2.

6. The 1080p HDMI works great with the Sony 975V DVD player. better than I have even seen, I am serious about this. Better then my SONY LCD Upstairs’. WOW. When you set the DVD to Cinema 2, it is just like the Movies, but better.

7. It does have PIP, and with one touch of the button. Others claim that this is hard; You touch it once and get the PIP right up. It is the blue button on the far right bottom of the remote. See it. In the menu you have to enable this feature. If not, it won’t work. That is the trick to this TV; you have to set everything up in the Menu before the remote can work right.

8. You have to play with the settings to get the color and picture just right. I am using the Dynamic settings in the day and Movie at night. WOW, the blacks are real black and the whites are real white. The contrast is more than Awesome, compared to the HLN sets. The 68 and 78 series are simply the very best of the best in my book.

9. The clock is a great feature to have. I like that.

10. The sound is awesome; you can change this at 4 different levels. I use the SRS TXT on. Which solves the problem of playing the 5.1 content over two speakers. Subwoofer I have on, and what a difference. It sounds like a stereo 5.1 channels. Set stereo on in your TV menu.

11. Digitsl NR, make sure it is on, this reduces the static and ghosting that you have over the air signal. The ghosting is gone, on mine.

12. Set LNA on for the reception will be stronger on over the air signal.

13. I wish that this TV had three HDMI inputs, since they seem to work better that all the other inputs.

14. PS2 works great, no lag, or anything as others comment on.

OVERALL: This TV is one of the best that I have ever seen, besides plasma's, but we wont go there, not now and not ever. Anyway, This TV is awesome, mine works real well right out of the box. Plasma 61" is how much??? OUCH!!!

The shipping was great. My TV was package well. Foam all the way around and cardboard spindles to protect the screen. Unlike what other people had received their TV. I guess the new shipments are better than the old.

Like everyone else who has this, I have to agree the PQ is just fantastic! Even SD look great on HDTV, Food Network, etc.

I do have lip sync issues, but my Yamaha has audio delay and I set it to 50 ms for Jay Leno and this seems to work for all the other HD broadcast channels as well. However, "The Incredibles" still had lip sync issues from the Sony 975 DVD. I reset the sync on my 975 to 10ms and that fixed it.

I was concerned about lip sync issues when I designed this system so I got the Yamaha and Sony DVD which both have adjustment capabilities. Unfortunately with the Sony I have to stop the dvd, go into the setup menu and change the audio delay by 10 ms, then start again. With the

Yamaha 4600, I go into the setup in the front panel LED display and play with the audio delay until I get good lip sync

I've got Comcast with their Motorola HD/DVI connected with component video (the Moto box has no hdmi out) to the TV and optical audio into the Yamaha and then out to the Polks and sub (I had a problem with an apparent blown cap in the Velo when it arrived so Tweeter has given me a Mirage loaner and I'm pretty happy with it right now).

Bottom line is that this is a wonderful set with outstanding PQ. BUT be sure you can adjust audio delay in your amp if you are going to run a home theater component system.


6168 general impressions


Here are my initial impressions of the 6168.

-- Other than the problem with shadow colors I mentioned above, I'm really happy with the picture quality. HD and DVD’s look fantastic; SD ranges from poor to acceptable.

-- Brightness is truly excellent, even with some background light.

-- If there is a lip sync issue, it's very subtle. I can convince myself that it's there on my old SD TiVo, but if it's there on DVD’s I don't notice. I haven't done an echo test yet, and probably won't unless it starts to bug me during normal viewing.

-- I'm seeing rainbows a lot more than I thought I would, but it doesn't really bother me or my wife so far. (Don't know about my kid -- she's 18 months and can't complain )

-- We sit about 10' away, but we could easily sit closer, even with DVD’s. The picture looks great even up fairly close. I can't see the diamond wobulation pattern unless I'm less than a few inches from the TV.

-- Side-to-side viewing angle is great too.

Overall, I'm quite happy with it so far (especially after fixing the static-at-the-top problem). We'll see what a calibration can do for it.


I just got my 6178 today and I've played with it a bit. Here are some points I've found.

1) I have HDMI going from my Time Warner 6300 HD-DVR box straight into the TV. Everything is converted up to 1080i and it looks pretty sharp. HD channels look awesome and SD channels looks just fine (even the non-digital versions are okay).

2) I had my PS2 hooked up at the time so I tried a DVD on it running in regular 480i mode (if anyone has a quick tip to tell me how to get it to run in 720p for DVD’s I'd appreciate it and yes I was using the Monster PS2 Component cables). Anyways, I couldn't get the PS2 DVD player to actually run in true 16:9, as the DVD menu wouldn't let me change it even with the DVD stopped. I tried a few movies from the PS2 in 480i. After watching bits of several movies, my eyes started to hurt from the rainbows. This was because it was running in 480i.

3) I corrected the rainbows experienced above by using my Sony DVD player which *would* actually show the DVD in 16:9 with 720p. As soon as I popped it in 720p, the rainbows were history and my eyes stopped bleeding .

4) On the subject of lip-sync, I don't notice that much on HD signals. In fact, I've only see it *really* bad in one place, the DVR playback. I had a recording of G4TV on my DVR and when I played it back the lips were way off. I switched over to the actual live channel and it was fine. I paused the live show, hit rewind a bit on the live show, hit play and it still was fine. *shrug* Looks like the Time Warner 8300 box has some sync issues that I just didn't notice when I was using my SD TV and maybe the 1080i upconvert just made the problem noticeable.

5) Over all, I *love* this TV. The contrast is AWESOME. I did notice one thing that an above posted noticed while watching one of the LoTR movies. The color did seem a little faded but this was only in certain scenes of that movie. Other movies looked fine and I thought perhaps that was just the scene because in the very bright outdoors scenes the colors were quite rich. I'll have to go fiddle with the settings some more perhaps and also try the DVD on my Sony DVD player just to make sure it wasn't something funky with my PS2.

6) I haven't tried a game yet since I'm having too much fun just playing with HD so I'm crossing my fingers hoping that it works fine.

7) Oh, btw, when I looked at it in the store, the internal speaker did show horrible lip sync lag. So much that my wife even commented on it. I went to a Mitsu that was sitting nearby, cranked up the sound, and found the same lip sync issue. However, as above, through my receiver the sound & picture are just fine even without adjusting the audio delay.


I recently purchased a 1080i Sony HD video camera, and I've been shopping for a Hi-Def screen to watch my recordings on. I've been seriously considering a Sammy 1080p, so I've been reading this forum…almost all 93 pages. I've learned so much more here than I could from any inept, uninformed salesperson, who don't even know the HDMI/component inputs do not take 1080p. How sad is that...Anyway, I wanted to comment on HDNYC's smoothing observations.

I have watched video from my 1080i camera (through component input) on 720p sets and the Sammy 1080p. The detail shown on the 1080p is so life-like. I can see hair strands, slight perspiration and even the threads of a cotton t-shirt. There is no doubt that detail from my camera shows better on 1080p than 720p. The 720p screens look wonderful, but details are crisper and more vivid on the 1080p. I don't care about one brand or another -- I just want a display that will show the most detail from my camera, and so far the Samsung 1080p has been the best DLP. (My local Tweeter store doesn't yet have the Mits or Toshiba 1080p DLP, so I can't say that Sammy is better than them.)

Meanwhile, the Hi-Def feed in the store was terrible and made the Sammy 1080p look bad (compared to video from my camera).

Summary: The smoothing you are seeing is probably due to a poor feed because the component output from my 1080i camera is amazingly detailed. You would never think the video was from an HC1 (Sony's compact $2000 consumer HDV cam).


This set really suck :) What I am also discovering is that HD content is

far behind these new 1080p DLP’s. But with the right content such as you

describe above, these sets will knock your socks off ( I've lost at least dozen

pair by now :) It is literally like looking out of a window.

I watched Ray this evening on a HD broadcast and even though it is film

there were scenes that were so clear and so detailed and 3D looking that it

was if my screen disappeared and I was looking through a window. Absolutely

frig'in amazing...


When I read the review that said stuff like "Let me see the detail", etc. for the Sammy sets, I shrugged it off. Why?

Because on my set, when I watched football today on NBC, I could see beads of sweat on a player that was taking up a small portion of the screen. I could see individual blades of grass on the field. THAT is detail. It was like looking through a freshly windexed window onto the field.

The second I saw that kind of detail, I knew that anything that looked bad from that point on could not be because of the set. Once I saw its full capability and the crisp, bright, clean, clear detail, I knew that anything else had to be source related.

Oh, I forgot one thing. There definitely were a couple of times when I didn't see that clean, clear detail that I spoke of earlier, and that some readers here have evidently yet to see. That was when the camera was focusing on something else. I guess we should all throw our sets out because I couldn't see the color of the cheerleader’s lipstick in the background when they were focusing on Eli Manning throw a 20-yard TD pass to Burress.


I was at Crutchfields today and salesman repeated the September 19 ETA, SXRD but we both agreed it will probably be Soon But Not Yet as per usual. They did have a 50 in. 1080p Sammy in stock. Guy said the Sammy 1080p's had been selling about as fast as they arrive. He had bought one for his home and was very happy with it. I had to get home to watch the PGA, so I didn't really have enough time to do a proper in store evaluation. As my screen name implies, I doubt my opinions would have been worth much.

PQ on the HDMI input is exceptional (source and equipment dependent, of course). I haven't done any testing of the VGA input yet ... it's going to take me a week or two to get there. I'm testing DVD players right now.



Having read this thread for the past couple of months (and I do mean every post!) I was fairly well briefed on what to expect.

I wanted to first setup my 6168, via my Sound & Vision "Home Theater Tune-Up" DVD. So, working under the Custom picture setting, I went thru the various calibrations. In the end, nothing too dramatic by way of changes?!!? (In fact, on some of the contrast & color tests, I would change from one end of the spectrum to the other, and I never did see some of the "blooming" with the vertical blocks - does that make sense?) I take it there is not a true DLP calibration DVD on the market. (??)

I then focused on the HTPC video resolution and with very little tweaking, I have one outstanding view! Boy, this thing really shines! The colors are sharp, the icons are vivid and I can read everything on the desktop with ease! I only see a very slight overscan of the desktop. (say, 99.0% perfectly shown to 1:1 mapping)

Here is something interesting to report: initially, right out of the box, my video-card, along with the 6168w are reporting a smoking "1920x1200 @ 60mHz" resolution! (better than '1080') I actually left it this way for the first few hours of HTPC/DVR viewing. However, I did drop it down to the native "1920x1080" to be safe. (honestly, even running at '1200', I do not see any real difference in the PQ, compared to the native '1080') I feel the VGA connection gives me a better PQ, than using the DVI-HDMI connections. (e.g. PC's DVI to HDMI on the AVR --> AVR/HDMI over to TV's HDMI #2)

Next up, the DVD. I watched various segments of Star Wars: Phantom Menace -- just incredible! I found the underwater screens to be 3D and showing the shadow details on those large fish/creatures that I have never noticed before! (my young kids were also glued to the TV) By Saturday night, we all watched the "Superbit" edition of Spiderman, and as expected, the images, the details, were everywhere! (e.g. the fire segment, when Spiderman and Green Goblin were fighting; very nice, to say the least!)

Zero lip-sync issues were noted... none! And I EVEN WAS LOOKING FOR IT! (after having read the many posts on this)

SD contest is "good" - but only at best. Most times, it is actually pretty bad. I see small, horizontal lines in fast moving content and even the same vertical line (noted on different SD channels), right down the center of the display. (yet none of this is found when watching DVDs; nor from the HTPC, when watching an WMV file, etc. etc.) So, I know this must be caused from the source only being SD and getting scaled to fit the large screen -"garbage in... garbage out".

To enjoy a better viewing experience, my new focus is to bring all the HD content I can into the home. I also think I may need to upgrade my HTPC/DVR's video-card. So, any suggestions with HD providers, STBs, video-cards, etc. would be appreciated! (only if money grew on trees, I would like to seriously consider the DVDO iScan HD+)

The small placard on the back of my 6168 reads it was mfg. in: July 2005.

(and from Mexico)

Later this week, I hope to review playing a little (PC) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory; along with OTA HD broadcasts and plain old VHS tapes.


I've been waiting to see a Sammy 1080p for a long time so I could decide between the 5067 and the 5668. I know I can get a much better price on the 5067 but would be willing to pay more if I could see a significant difference in PQ. Well I finally laid my eyes on a couple of 1080p Sammy DLPs at Tweeter in raleigh. All I can say is WOOOOOOOOOOW!

I've probably looked at 100 TVs in the past month and can unequivically state that these are the best looking TVs I have ever seen! The signal I was watching was 1080i by DirecTV through component inputs and it was spectacular. Tweeter had 2 set up and both were next to Mitsubisi 720 DLPs and the difference was clear. The Samsungs had more detail than the Mitsubishis. The bigger difference was in the depth of color and contrast ratio. Not only were the colors better but the Blacks were blacker and the whites were whiter at the same time. I was quite impressed. Tweeter only carries the 78 series but I'm looking for a 68 series since I feel I get more bang for the buck that way. I sit about 10 feet away from the screen so I'm thinking about getting a 5668. Does that seem like the right size for a 10' viewing distance. The main point I wanted to make is that these sets have the best picture I have ever seen... including plasma.


I have had my 5688 1080p set since Tues, so that makes it 5 days that I have had time to play around with my HDTV.

I am loving my HDTV, I have no regret whatsoever on my decision or purchase.

I do not have a subscription to Cable or Satelite service, but I do have Roadrunner Internet service from Time Warner. When the tech came to setup & install the Roadrunner Broadband service, he informed me that he also hooked me up with free cable, all I needed was to acquire Cable Box to be able to view the scrambled CHs.

Using my old Sony 1989 Trinitron CRT, I was able to pick up a a few Cable CHs. Now with my 5688 HDTV I am still able to pick up the same CHs & a few more, plus Iam able to pick up the local network HD CHs, such as CBS HD, PBS HD, ABC HD etc...

The PQ varies from CH to CH & program to program. I am seriously thinking of subscribing to Time Warners Cable service, in particular through the CableCard service, to be able to view extra HD CH & content.

Discovery Theatre HD, NBC HD & ABC HD are the 3 CHs out of the HD CHs my HDTV picks up that has provided the best PQ/Images of HD content. But @ times it's not very sharp or clear, but again this falls on the feed from the networks & the fact I am using your basic Roof Top antenna for my reception.

For those who own CableCard service, does it warrant the subscription? I'm not into PPV or Video/Movies on demand service so I can live without those for now.

OK back to the 5688. MY family & a few friends of the family who have been over to see the HDTV in person has been so impressed by the physical appearance of the Pedestal Model alone. After watching some HD programming, they have been quite impressed.

I had ordered the samsung 950 DVD player, but I am exchanging it for the Panasonic S77 DVD player after it scored very high in the latest Sound & Vision issue for a budget player, when compared & tested against the Samsung 950 & Toshiba SD 5980 players.

Panasonic Progressive Scan produced excellent results & PQ & it's only $50 more than the 950.

I have tested the 5688 using my XBOX connected via the XBOX HD Component Cables. I ran into an issue here as I had originally connect the XBOX to my ONKYO AV Receiver, & had the ONKYO connected via HDMI Cable to the 5688, but the color was off as I kept getting a high lemon yellow color on my images.

I then tried connecting the XBOX directly to the 5688 instead of through the ONKYO & that resolved the problem, but I suspect that the issue I am having with the XBOX & DVD player connected through the ONKYO AV Receiver has to do with either the ONKYO AV itself or the HDMI Cable I have running from the TV to the ONKYO.

I tested the XBOX using 2 games, (1)Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory & (2) Full Spectrum Warrior, since both games require fast response time & reaction. Both passed with flying colors so far, no video lag whatsoever.

Since I am having issues with the ONKYO I haven't connected/setup my speakers for 5.1 Surround Sound, so I can't report on any Audio lag in regards to gaming.

SC:CT looks very nice, but I am getting a few jaggies from time to time on my TV, but I attribute that to the game itself.

FSW doesn't look so great on my TV, but again, that's attributed to the game itself, since it only supports up to 480p.

I played with the Samsung 950 DVD player, no video lag, although had a few macroblocks pop up a few times during the playing of "SKy Captain:Wolrd of Tomrrow" movie, but that's attributed to both the Player & Movie.

I have only played with the different color settings & Modesa little bit so far. I have found that MOVIE Mode seems to produce the best PQ, although it's a little dark, but I simply bump up the BRIGHTNESS Level up a few notches.

I'll finish setting up the rest of my HTS (Home Theatre System) this week & test out the AUDIO. The Panasonic S77 should arrive by Thurs or Fri, once it does I'll test it out througly on the 5688 & report back.

I don't use the GAME MODE for gaming on the 5688 b/c it only supports resolutions up to 480p & no higher, so I just use MOVIE MODE.

I watched a program on Discovery Theatre HD the other night, it was on an island resort area in Hawaii, it had tons of scenery (Water, Grass, Trees, Flowers) to test the PQ & performance of the 5688 on, using the factory Color defualt settings, let me tell you I was blown away. Later that day they repeated the same program & my family got a chance to view it & they were blown away.

That's it for now, hope this post has been helpful.

samsung 6178 purchase...happy happy happy!


Well guys...I have had my Samsung 6178 for a week and am VERY satisfied with PQ. The pixilation that was so evident at Ultimate Electronics in Phoenix is gone, FTMP. Actual Pixels, by the way, are darn near undetectible at 12 inches. I bought the Samsung HD-950 and I am surprised at how well it upconverts DVD res. to 1080i. Couldn't tolerate a two-week wait at TV Authority, so I bought the 6178 from a local retailer here in Scottsdale and splurged on the Repairmaster 4-year P&L warranty. Can not understand the exorbitant pricing of HDMI cables....$119.00 for 6-feet at CompUSA...outrageous! Thanks for all of your advice and wisdom....good seeing to all...


Overnight Delivery


Well, after having my TV delayed because SEKO left it at their dock for 4 days, they overnighted the 5668 to me yesterday. After I got home, I got DirecTV to turn on HD (plus a couple of extras because I told them to cancel my subscription...funny how they worked to make me happy after that).

Initial response: Thunk (that's the sound of my jaw hitting the ground). Incredible!!! Seeing this TV at the local B&Ms didn't do it justice. I have had a tough time peeling myself away from the TV long enough to respond here.

For those of you who got this for NFL in HD, I watched a replay of the Giants-Panthers game and think I saw a pimple starting to form on Eli Manning's face.

Last thing before I go back to do some more 'testing':

GREAT JOB TVA!!!! :Thanks for helping to get my TV to me only one day late after SEKO messed up.


All you 67" buyers are going to love this set...first off it is huge...at 13' I am very happy...IMO at 8'-10' would be too close for me...It is nice and bright for such a huge screen...Colors are decent...Blacks are exceptionally black, I mean ink black...This set produces a really sharp picture...lots of detail...but also shows all the bad artifacts with a poor signal...SD is SD it is Okay...HD will blow your socks off...The Oppo dvd player with this set is really amazing... Audio delay is there but seldom...I have not done anything to this set except set it up for HD and DVD and ect...I will tweak it the best I can in a couple of weeks with Avia...But will be having it Pro Calibrated in the future. Good Luck with your sets.


Joe V.

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What 1080P outside Qualia006 has such Feedback?

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Sony partnered with Samsung - would Sony do so to weaken itself?

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Samsung is also partnered with Microsoft - perhaps X360 will work work as planned and as they share in 24,000 patents with Sony PS3 also.

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Originally Posted by westa6969
What 1080P outside Qualia006 has such Feedback?
Thanks West for summarizing all of this!

In my opinion, at this point in time, the only RP in the same league as

1080p DLP is the Qualia 06.

It will be interesting to see the new Sony SXRD XBRs which

should give 1080p DLP a run for the money.

Just got to love competition - we will surely benefit from it.

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Yes, Competition forces innovation. Thanks Tony

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:rolleyes: Time to bump it up. Gets boring down here at the bottom of the Thread and it's these reviews are getting heavy. If you made it all the way down here you get a Star! I had a good lunch from Tim Hortons. Does anyone notice that the Snipers don't join in when they get placed at the bottom?

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Bump! Sony SXRD Officially Announced today - getting warm in here. ;)

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The Sony sets might end up with a great picture, but those sets with those side speakers look awful. If the speakers could be removed they would look really good, but I like the look of my 6168 over the new SXRD SOnys with those side speakers.

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I've done some evaluations of my viewing area and I may cancel my 6768 as I mistakenly based my measurements on my Sharp FP and forgetting the DLP would be sticking out nearly two feet. I simply wanted the 6768 so bad but i think I may switch to the 6178 as I like it's looks better and then I still save nearly a grand. I watch alot of College Football and I thought about watching back and forth on the 67" may give me neck strain and headaches and so I'll do like StallionRe to get the 6178 - as much as I do not like Sony plugging in that SXRD into the XS set it's hard to switch but I already did it with my Sharp and it's a great LCD.

Too much evaluation backk and forth but it's given me time to reconsider and make a different choice for the 6178. SXRD is tempting but the dumbo ears I agree are temporary I would guess and the next version they'll be history as it's obvious they plugged the guts into ready made XS sets to control costs. :D

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I think you guys have been drinking the 1080P coolaid. I've seen the Samsung 61" 1080p at Frys and Tweeter. At Frys I saw the set close to a 56" Captain Kirk. At Tweeter it was close to a Qualia 006. Both times the sets were being fed a 1080i signal through component inputs. Here is my impression:

1) I couldn't see a difference in detail between the 1080p and the 720p sets, Qualia or Sammy 1080p.

2) The Sammy 1080p had a very difficult time with motion. The picture broke up into blocks more easily than it should have. To me this was very distracting. Both times I was watching fairly inactive shows as far as motion. Monster Garage and a home makeover show. The Sony did well with this, but it cost 12K

3) The best picture processing belongs to Sony. I thought the small 42" A10 did a good job and was comparable to the Qualia.

I'm no expert, but thats my two cents.

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I don't know how 60 different reviews from 60 different locations in the country could be drinking the same kool aid. Store feeds and cables when not setup properly create motion blurr as does compression through splits. Not all sets have the same setup. Your experience is yours - 9 months ago when I did in store viewing I thought that motion blurr was real also and I later found out through stdying how they feed the streams and split the feeds creates those. At one time in January I was Anti-Sharp LCD because of that viewing and I later ate crow when i discovered it was not the TV it was the feed and today one of my sets is a 32" Sharp LCD FP and it has never displayed motion in my home and has perfect color - this TV never came in this good in any store I visited.I'm not panning the Sony but I can assure you I visited a newly remodeled BB/Mag and half the TV's had MB and Blurr and pixelizing especially the Panasonic and the Sony - but I never reported that incident as I knew it was the incompetence of the local employee's and the feeds. Question them sometime or check the feeds. I'm confident Sony SXRD will be a kick ass PQ but I do not see a A10 or A20 coming close to these 1080P's all things being equal in source and cabling. :D

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thanks westa i will let you know how i like my 6168W. if it ever comes.....

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If Mitsubishi announced a self proclamation of 1080P TV FIRST in a few stores but distributed nothing to it's marketing/distribution channels 6 weeks later how can they claim to be FIRST? First to have a Press Conference and Demo? Perhaps we should consider CES 2005 or before as the first.

What's in the Pipe to Consumers is what counts not a Trade Show or DEMO to try and beat Samsung to the Punch. What a cheap shot as we view 6 weeks later and they are just now trickling into B&M for sale and delivery.

Sort of like the tree falling in the forest and not seeing or hearing - did it really fall?

Oh Well gotta BUMP ON and eat lunch! :D

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:D Good Evening Samsung Hunters!Bump ;)

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Ahhhhhhh! Orange County Choppers in HD - Awesome Fun!
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