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Hi there,

Not sure if this is the right section but here goes.


My source:

Clevo laptop with Nvidia GTX670M and Intel HD 4000 graphics via HDMI 1.4.

XBMC Frodo

DLNA from same laptop using Mezzmo

Windows 7 x64



Panasonic P50ST60


I'm having an issue when using HDMI from my laptop when during fast motion colors separate, especially during fast motion. It looks like chromatic abberation. I can't capture it by pausing as it seems to settle. It doesn't occur at all when I play the same content via DLNA (the TV processes the image itself I assume). This occurs when using XBMC's internal player, MPC-HC and PowerDVD12.

I've struggled to find anything on it as I don't know what the effect is called. I've tried multiple refresh rates as well as another HDMI cable.

Anyone know what this is and how it could be fixed?


Thanks in advance!
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