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I bought the P54S1 in August 2009, according to the spec sheet, it has the AR filter. The new P65S60 does not have an AR filter. I'm curious what/if the differences are in reflection and pic quality.

My TV is in a bright room though I have blinds but I still get some reflection during the day, not so much from lamps/lights. I do not like the LCD soap opera look.

My S1 has been great, I did get the grey level/black level rise or whatever it is called but it's not too bad and not too noticeable.

I have enough Amazon points to get the P65S60 outright, so I'd gain 11" and newer technology for basically free. The only thing I'm hesitant about is reflective glare. I can handle it now, though obviously prefer it not be there, as we watch TV mostly at nigh anyway. It only becomes a factor on Sat/Sun football/baseball/golf for me. I'm not sure I don't want to spend an extra $1k for the ST 65 inch just for AR. I don't need an all the bells and whistles TV as I run everything through my PS3 and Bose system anyway.

I only hop on AVS every couple of months so I was hoping someone who keeps up with all this technology can give me some insight on what to expect.


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