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My P55ST50 was sitting on the fireplace mantel for about a year. For the first 6 months the remote worked fine. After that I bought a Sony sound bar that sat in front of it blocking the remote signal receiver, but the soundbar had a pass-through feature and using that it continued working just fine.


A few months back I mounted the TV up on the wall maybe 16" higher than where it was sitting. After mounting it, the remote immediately stopped working. If I walk up real close to the TV I can get it to work and point it just right it will work. Same issue with TV remote and both Cable and multi-device remotes on TV setting. Obviously now that it's mounted the soundbar isn't sitting in front of it anymore. I don't know if maybe I jarred something when mounting it (I was as delicate as possible), or if it hadn't worked for a while but since the soundbar pass was right in front of it repeating the signal I just never realized it.


The odd thing is... while it generally doesn't work from 10' back, sometimes if I wave the remote around just right it will work a little bit. Especially if I point it at some windows which are at a right angle to me and the TV (maybe it's bouncing off at just the right angle back to the TV). Needless to say my wife isn't taking kindle to me telling her to point the remote at the windows and wave it around.


I read through the forums here and tried replacing the remote batteries (obviously), turning the lights off, checking the auto-brightness, etc. My question is... since it's intermittently working from a distance and working from a few inches away (I still have to position it just right), does this sound like an out-of-position IR sensor? Is it easy enough to fix (and how)? Are there any diagrams, poictures or videos available? I am fairly competent with tech devices but admittedly have never opened up a TV before and would rather have some idea before I get in there. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
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