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Hello all,

I have a Pace TDC779x set top box connected to an Iomega 34508 eSATA DVR 1TB expander drive, and they've been working well together, increasing my available storage space dramatically. However, after a recent power cycle on both units, I was unable to see the programs that were saved on the external hard drive. I then powered off both units and took care to start the external drive before powering up the Pace DVR, whereupon all of the saved programs showed up OK. Whew! Interestingly enough, though, the shows saved on the external drive lost the content information associated with them! The name of the show, the date, and the duration are all there, but the content information for each show is gone. It's not a huge deal, but it's quite annoying to have a dozen "Top Gear" shows recorded and not know which is which! The content info for the recordings on the internal drive shows up fine, just not the external drive. Has anybody else seen this problem? Any suggested fixes or workarounds? Comments or suggestions are appreciated!

-Mark S.
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