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If you enjoy Pacific Rift and are interested in league play, sign up at:


What Is The C4G Racing League?

The C4G Racing League is a structured competition pertaining to a specific game(s) currently being sponsored by the site, but remains based on racing and fair play. The league is comprised of a multi-week season that primarily pits racers against those of similar skill. Read each game thread for more information regarding that specific competition.

Current C4G Racing Leagues/Nights


Wednesday 10pm eastern MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Requirements To Join

Participation within the C4G Racing League is free and open to any member of Channel4Gaming as long as the following requirements are met fully:

* Participant must adhere to the rules set forth within each individual competition.

* Participant joins prior to any cut-off dates for play within each individual competition.

* Participant agrees to remain current on league happenings and individual competitions.

* Participant losing membership whether temporarily or permanent and/or gains a "Watched" status is omitted from play until full status is reestablished.

* Participant understands that C4G reserves the right to add any additional requirements as needed in order to protect the integrity of the league and/or site.

How To Join?

Participants agreeing to the above notices and who have read the rules for the individual competitions they are wanting to participate in are encouraged to submit their entry into the C4G Racing League. Please note that new members are not added if the form is submitted within 24 hours of any individual competition. Due to organization constraints your name will be added to the following week's match. Interested members may submit their entry by selecting FORMS which is located on the menu bar at the top of the forum and selecting from the appropriate list.

(or click on this link here and select the appropriate form: http://www.channel4gaming.com/c4g/index.php?action=form )
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