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How do you set the UTV to record an extra minute before and 5 minutes after a program? Does it do this automatically or do you need to set something. I found where you can add an extra half hour, is it at this place?

I recorded survivor last night at the end got cut off, the other recorder was recording friends (here in Sacto, Survivor is on at 7pm and friends 8pm).


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It should auto pad if you have 2 tuners setup or if doesn't just setup it for the 30 minutes etc.....
My Sony UTV (installed last weekend) starts its recording 1 minute before the actual start time and automatically pads an extra 5 minutes. I can tell it (on the series options screen) to record an extra 30, 60....etc minutes after the scheduled end time.

Have not tried to record back to back programs on different channels to see what happens, but with 2 tuners in the UTV, I gotta think it will have no problems.

It will only use two tuners to record when the shows overlap.... "Conflict" not when they are back to back... there is no pading of back to back shows.. except for the first (pre) and last (post).

In short if you record show back to back from 6 pm to 10 pm and they were all one hour shows it does not alternate between tuners one and two to record these shows. UTV only knows which tuner is in viewing mode (video to display) and assumes you are watching this channel whether or not you actually are.

You can confirm this by recording while watching your utv.. you will see the rec tag on screen or changing channel message... you can also use pip to see what tuners are doing...
I find it also auto pads by 30 minutes a variable length sports event.
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