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Painting Ceiling

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When rolling paint on the ceiling a different color than your side walls, how do you reduce or prevent splatter from getting on side walls? I was thinking of hanging huge sheets of plastic to cover the side walls but that might be overkill!
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Well...usually you paint the ceiling first, then the walls. Being careful and plastic sheeting is about all you can do now.
Yup I had already planned to do the ceiling first especially when I saw some primer splatter on the side walls today!!!
If you splatter you are rolling too fast. Save the time it takes to put up the plastic and just slow down.
...with many of these rooms taking 2 - 3 years to complete, what do you mean "slow down".
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LOL. Made me really chuckle this morning...

Just for a professional reference, how long does it take to build a theater (I mean when a professional crew that has done this many times does it)? I know it's generally an unfair question to ask, but can you range it for a me 3 months, 3 weeks, etc (soemthing like CutrisG's).

We can complete our "average" room in 4-6 weeks. Some we've done in three weeks. The difference is we do this day in and day out, so we pretty much have it down to a very efficient process. (That longer average includes trim, finishes, fabric and acoustic treatments). Curtis's room would have been a 5 week job. Our award winning room exceeded that time frame...but we had to take the roof off the house...that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Calibrations are about 3 days.

The Star Trek room (the one with the original props from the set), I believe was 4.5 weeks.
Wow...that's amazingly quick. Wish I'd gone with your crew for my "roughly 6 weeks job that turned into 6 months job".

Next time!
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