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Painting CG on fabric question

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Hopefully Benven will see this and give me some free advice - other people's thoughts are welcome as well as I know you guys do a LOT of painting on various substrates.

So here's the story - I was going along with a UPW wall for quite a while with a 4805 and quite happy, but I wanted to try out some of the current mixes for better performance all around.

I painted the wall with Canadian Grey (selected mostly because of it's simplicity) and quite liked the effect but my roller marks were obvious and the slight texture of the wall showed up with the highly reflective surface. I do think that CG is quite good and somehow manages to improve everything while sacrificing little.

So I have to try again, because the wall is not suitable.

My projected image (the projector is fixed to the ceiling) is 100" X 56" (ish). I am willing to take it down to 48" vertical so I can used a fixed board (4X8) to paint on but I would rather not. If I'm painting a color that increases gain, why not take advantage of it by as big a picture as possible?

So that leaves fabric.

The question: WHAT fabric would yeild the best results in terms of painting - evenness, making rollerstrokes dissappear, lack of significant texture, etc? I was planning on using BO cloth. I know Benven used a PVC fabric but it seems a bit expensive for me. If I get BO cloth in the standard 54" width, I need to use all of it so won't be framing it like a lot have done (can't give up any vertical space). I was thinking of attaching it directly to the wall (starch?) or perhaps framing just the sides in a sandwich and stretching that a bit.

Any suggestions?
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go to a local sign shop. they have a heavy white plastic/fabric flexible sheeting that they use to make sign banners with. they have widths that are 60" or more.

they usually don't sell it for this sort of purpose... but if you plead real nicely they'll sell you a 9 or 10ft section of it.

Good suggestion. I was just in a sign shop (buying the auto air) and I mentioned it but they sort of shrugged and said they didn't have much in the way of fabric/sheeting. I will try another.
Here are some quotes, from the Dark Gray thread, from a gentleman who painted CG on BO cloth:

Originally Posted by PaulHilgeman
Black Out Cloth, with light grey primer. One coat. Dry for 48 Hrs.

I got the second coat done, and it is up.

I am really noticing some roller marks. I may try a 3rd coat to see if I can do any better.


Originally Posted by PaulHilgeman

it all gets better.

After 24 hours from the 2nd coat, it is simply fantastic. Sparklies are all but gone. Honestly unless you ONLY watch in the dark with a good DLP with extreme blacks, I dont see anyone not wanting a screen like this.

It is equal to my my MMud screen in the dark... except with about 400 watts of light in the room. Honestly a much more comforitable viewing situation... Dark is great for movies, but other than that, lights on is much better.

I have not rolled it on BO cloth myself but it sounds like this would work. Try a small piece, 2' x 2', with a small foam roller so you get lots of rolling marks in and see what it looks like. You can keep working the paint since it is water like. Good luck!
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