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I have a couple of extra pull down screens (long story). My latest projector has lens memory, so I have thought about trying a poor man's scope setup and at least one of the old Dalite screens is big enough to accommodate a size I could live with. Could I tape off the section that I want to "mask" and use some sort of spray-on paint or other substance to fill in the desired area? I could let it dry for several weeks/months as I don't raise it much at all any more. However, at some point I would want to put the screen up so I would need something not as likely to come off after curing.

I could also maybe use some type of stretch cloth with adhesive if anyone has experience with that.

Anyone ever try this or just experiment?

EDIT: I see Mississippi Man has painted on a drop down screen so I see it can be done and he did a great job of walking a newbie through the process of changing a matte white to a high contrast grey. However, I did not find anything on painting a mask onto a screen to scope it. Any easy way to do that, or if not, suggestions on paints?

Would this work? Seems to work on vinyl floor mats and even shoes.


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Well you could take a look at my thread as I just finnished what you are asking to do. You do not want to add any fabric to the screen as this will wrinkle it over time. If you have any questions just shoot.

When it comes to masking paint or boarder paint, MM recommends mickey mouse ear black. Make sure you use a high quality masking tape and go over the tape with your thumb nail where the edge of the tape stops the boarder paint. This to ensure that the paint doesn't bleed under the tape.

And I guess it goes with out saying that this is a spay only application of the paint. As you will be using acrylic paints there are no problems regarding paint being less elastic than the screen. There are some resource links in my thread you should read that refers to spraying and mixing.

And last just go for it. It's so much fun but remember to ask before you act.

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OK....that is pretty much it....and here are the refinements:

Use Disney Colors "Mouse Ears" in a Interior Flat Enamel.

Use the new Green "Frog Tape" for edging, and go one better....take a small bar of soap and gently use it to "set" the edge of the Tape. You will not only (...and benignly...)be applying the pressure needed to seal the Tape edge against "crawl" or seeping, the soap gives the Tape even more resistance to absorption.

But..................real key is how you apply the Black paint.

Lightly. In successive light Dusters. Your going to gradually build up the paint to...and only to the minimum needed to cover evenly. That should be about 4-5 coats.

This Method, and the ultra Thin coat of deep- Flat black, is the best way to mask off the unwanted Screen area without "any" worrying about cracking or pealing. And the most time you's need to wait before attempting a retraction cycle? 3-4 days. Anything longer than that is simply gravy on French Fries.

The only non-paint solution I'd bother to suggest would be ProtoStar "self adhesive"Telescope Flocking: http://www.protostar.biz/hitack.htm

After it is applied horizontally onto the Screen material, it will flex plenty enough to allow it to roll onto a 2" Screen Roller. ProtoStar is the World most effective Light absorbing material (second only to NanoTube sheeting) 99%+ absorption.

It's expensive though....you pay for the performance level and "adhesive" convenience. And once applied to the Screen Material....it will become part of that material. Permanently. Ain't no second chances with ProtoStar.
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