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Thanks for looking at my post. These come with full warranty from authorized retailer as of 2/28. Receipt provided for warranty purposes. Mounting accessories included. Do not have original box. Will pack very safely and ship via fedex.

I will refund shipping difference under $30. So if shipping is $20 then I'll gift you back $10.

I also have what appears to be an older model M1 that has all accessories, including box, but the black finish is slightly different. This is "new" as of 2/28 as well.I Will sell this at additional cost. You would d save a little on shipping.

So - the pair as pictured including shipping and paypal for $275. Let me know if you would want the third.

Can do a package deal with a Pioneer Elite I'm selling.

Obviously discount if local pickup (Naperville 60540 - Chicago suburb).
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