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I've created a separate thread for this since it seems to be its own discrete issue. The question being: can the 50PHD7UY display a 50Hz PAL signal via the DVI input?

These tests were done the 50PHD7UY and an HTPC using DVI out from a GeForce 6800.

The bad news: unfortunately the results are still inconclusive. Someone needs to test the 50PHD7UY with a consumer DVD player with a 50Hz DVI output.
The good news: PAL DVDs seem to play fine over the DVI connection from an HTPC at 60Hz with no visible judder or other anomalies.

Here are the details:

Initially I wasn't able to set a refresh rate of 50Hz. I created a custom monitor driver in Powerstip, then created a custom resolution setting in the nVidia display properties that would allow me to choose 50Hz:


The odd thing is that after setting this, the screen didn't seem to change at all. Normally it dips to black while it locks onto the new signal. This change was instantaneous, which seemed suspicious to me.. like it was trying 50Hz and then going right back to 60.

Next thing I did was try out the judder test software recommended in this post . STILL, however, I could not set the refresh rate to 50Hz:


If anyone knows how to set a 50Hz refresh in this software, please let me know.

Afterwards I tried out the judder test, which showed no visible judder. The green lines in the picture appear somewhat out of phase, but to the naked eye they are totally solid:


However given that I could only set this program to test at 60Hz I don't know how valid this test is.

Next, I set the refresh back to 60Hz and watched a complete movie in PAL (The Italian Job). DVD playback software = PowerDVD 5.0.

The good news is that I didn't see any judder or timing anomalies whatsoever. Everything looked pristine and fast-moving objects or scenes (of which there were a lot) looked perfect. I don't know if this is because PowerDVD is doing something to correct for the 50Hz timing or what, but it looks fine.

For reference, here is the input signal table from the TY-42TM6D DVI blade's manual:


Note that the only 50hz signal listed is for 575p.

To ultimately resolve this issue though, I think someone needs to try the 50PHD7UY with a consumer DVD player that can output a 50Hz PAL signal over its DVI output. This should be the true test of how PAL-friendly the 50PHD7UY's DVI input is.

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