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Is there anyone here who has played PAL DVDs on a 1080P display, and if so how, and what are your impressions of the quality?

Here are my observations: with a Samsung 1080P:

Using a Denon 2910 upscaling (1080i) DVD player (HDMI-HDMI connection): with the Denon set to "multi" which passes NTSC & PAL without converting them, it doesn't work at all (the Samsung produces an "unsupported" error message). With a "NTSC" setting it works, but it looks like crap. (Aspect ratio is correct, but the picture has artifacts, noise and isn't sharp.) Keep in mind that PAL with its 96 extra lines of resolution looks better than NTSC on a multistandard display (which my Sony CRT is).

With a MacMini -- 1080P DVI-HDMI connection. VLC looks like crap. The Apple DVD Player is by far the best, the picture didn't look bad at all, but still not as good as some NTSC material or as good as PAL looks on an Apple Cinema Display. (Also, I had to MTR the DVD first to get rid of the region coding before I could use the Apple DVD Player, but I guess that's unavoidable...)

One thing that bothers me, is that "Display" on the Mac Mini reports, when connected to an Apple Cinema Display: {resolution}{ Colors:}Millions

The Samsung produces: 1920x1080i; Millions; NTSC. Why does it say NTSC -- a 1080P computer monitor should be neither PAL nor NTSC.

Are there people using 1080P monitor for whom your Mac doesn't report display as being NTSC? Any other comments, ideas, are welcome.

In particular -- are the 1080P displays being sold in Europe different from the US ones (apart from having different DTV tuners?) -- what is the refresh rate of 1080P displays in Europe? What is the refresh rate of ACDs?


P.S. I was trying to use good quality source material like the R2 France In The Mood For Love DVD.

Edit: changed s&^t to crap as AVS apparently doesn't allow the former. Is merde allowed?
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