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palliser blade

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I am considering the blade or pacifico seats, but I don't have a dealer anywhere close. My question is how well these support the lower back, I have back trouble and need firm seating with good lumbar support. any advise will be greatly appreciated. I am not hung up on Palliser, but can not afford over about 700 per seat, Thanks!

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In general terms Palliser tends to offer firmer padding in their theater seats. They have other models such as the Rhumba or the Mellow which provide a softer feel - but the Blade, in my opinion, provides the firmness that people with back problems tend to look for.
I have the blades and don't find them too firm. I have sat in the Domestic version of the Berkline 12000's and the Pallisers are firmer, but still have a softness to them. I actually went down to the theater room to double check.

My family room seating is truly firm, and I find the Pallisers are much softer compared to them, but are firmer than most other leather recliners I've sat in. My chairs haven't had much use since (10 hours or so) so I suspect they'll get softer.

I also prefer firmer seats and do find them comfortable whereas the Berklines were too soft for my liking and comfort. I'm 6'2" 180-200lbs (depending on time of year...lol) if that makes a difference.
Thanks for the help. How about lower back support, most recliners at local furniture stores have very little, this is very important to me as I have trouble wit my lower back. any help very much appreciated!

I recently picked up the Axis and i have lower back issues. Even though they don't have lumber support, i found them to be very supportive and firm.
I have the blades and find the lumbar support adequate. They are a firm seat and sit good. I would highly recommend power recline as it helps you fine tune your comfort which for me is different each time I use them. If I could change anything I would bring the headrest forward, when sitting I find the head reclined a bit too far..... I'm 6'2" 200lb.
Thanks for the info, it really helps! I suspect the "Blade" is availale with other names, is the axis the same?
On one of the boxes it said "Palliser Blackjack." And agree power recline is great. I like to keep my back straight and feet up and my back feels good and supported.
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