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Pana Vs Samsung Vs LG?

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Hi All,

In the market for a 50" plasma early in the new year, and am looking for advise/reassurance that the TV's I've short-listed should be there. My limitations are a combination of limited budget (ceiling of $1800) and what my local retailers have listed as in stock on their websites (though I am still to go in store yet).

Main thing I am looking for is something that is good to watch movies and sport on, as well as a bit of xbox 360 and Wii. At present I am only looking at full HD screens, and it will be positioned in my living room where there will be a reasonable level of ambient light with windows at the side where glare/reflection might be a problem. At this stage I am leaning toward the Panasonic as in the hours I've spent reading it sounds like it has the best anti reflection, though I could be wrong as my mind really is turning to a pile of mud with all this.

Anyway, the TV's on my short list;








Any advice or personal experience would be greatly appreciated, or if there is something I should be looking for in my price bracket. Really appreciate the help!
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Lg seemed cheap and rattled sound. seemed china built. Samsung i got 450 series, thought i was going deff and had to turn the speakers up. Panasonic i bought two of them and they are my favorite of bunch, speakers are way better and louder. Picture wise sammy and panny are similar but give the edge to panny. Samsung said made in mexico on box! All the tvs i bought where 720p and LGs LCD reason i got them price $350 for one $450 other no brainer and sold almost double.
I find LG to have the best feature to price ratio. I have the 50PG60 (same as the PG70) and it is hasn't disappointed at all. If you decide to go with LG don't get the PG30 as it doesn't have the 10 point calibration system and is missing a few other features. The PG70 is (should be) THX certified and comes with a pre-calibrated setting which is meant for viewing movies. Its speakers are built into the bezel and sound excellent for TV speakers. The screen is covered from corner to corner with a glass pane that serves to make the set look sleek, is easy to clean, and will protect it from flying wii-motes.

I can't speak for the other sets, but I can say that the 50PG60 is an excellent TV for it's price point. Make sure you do your research on what each set offers as some features can be a bit hidden.

Here are the main threads for the sets you listed. They have plenty of information to help you make an informed decision:




Good Luck
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ok, thanks everyone. Think the pana still heads up my list, but I think from here the best thing is to hit some showrooms and see them in action.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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