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Hi all,

Is Panamax M5400-PM worth the buy? I've been reading around a lot, and many people have mixed opinions.

Firstly, I am looking forward to organize the wires/power cords behind my A/V cabinet... which is all piled up into a basic surge protector. I would like to plug all the cords into one equipment and place it into the A/V cabinet.

Second, protection against bad voltage.

Third, quality noise filter.. against hiss and hums (i know i can avoid this with 3 prongs to 2 prongs adapter, but still i get some slight hiss from my speaker)

I am leaning towards Panamax M5400-PM, cos of the level 4 protection, and the features.

I like APC H10 cos its the best bang for the buck, under 100 dollars, and fullfils my first requirement.. Dont know how good it works for filtering out distortions, hums and hisses.

Tripp lite is also good.. cos for around 150 i can get this with an inbuilt UPS

something like this.
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