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So I originally had the Panamax 4300 and exchanged it for the 5300 so I would have more coax and ethernet ports. Panamax told me If EVERYTHING wasn't connected my warranty would be invalid. Most people apparently just plug power cords in there systems and that's their out apparently.

So I got the 5300 and got my coax and internet stuff hooked up and two things I've noticed.

1. My internet slowed down about 20mbps. That's huge. I've tried different cables and speed test sites. Its at least 20mgs slower.

2. I've noticed some mild pixelation in my directv picture. I'm running coax into 5300 and out into directv receiver.

3. I noticed some mild ticking/popping noises coming out of my soundbar too. I had that plugged into the Linear port and changed it to the High Frequency and that seemed to help but I'm not entirely sure.

I'm assuming all these issues are related to the box since I've never had these issues before. Is it a bad box or is it possible that this is just a side effect of the connections through their system?? If that's the case that blows. There's no way I'm going to degrade my picture and internet speed on all my high end stuff.

Any idea's or thoughts? I emailed Panamax and I'm hoping to hear back soon. The dag on 5300 was over 500 bucks. I was hoping I paid a little more to get a better product.
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