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panamorph application - light passage test failure

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I've seen the calculator do a couple strange things at time. One of them was just what you are describing. Try reloading the page and making the beam spot something more reasonable like 45 millimeters
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Because of the LT150's short throw and, therefore, rapidly expanding image, it may truly not work. If you put in a smaller beam size, better make sure it really is that small.


Doug, the recommended minimum throw distance to screen width ratio is 1.65. Yours is a little below this, but should be ok if the image height entering the Panamorph is less than about 2".


Shawn Kelly

Cygnus Imaging
I think you will be ok because the Davis dlp has a similar short throw lens and it worked with a panamorph prototype I had a couple of months ago.

I cannot remember if I had to have the projector zoomed in all the way so this may not answer your question regarding the combo working from your throw distance.


Alan Gouger

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Thanks to everyone for the quick replies. They give me the knowledge to ask even more questions. :< )

Projectorcentral listed the distance at 13.5-13.6 ft, so it looks like it will be between 1.1% aqnd 1.8% (**Calculation Below). Not too bad.

Further questions...

1. Is my math misleading me on the % that I can expect to be cropped?

2. Is it going to crop it off cleanly or will there be artifacts?

3. I would imagine that I could use my planned HTPC to put a black bar on a few rows of the 4x3 projected image???

4. Would the crop be on all four edges, or just the top/bottom or sides?

5. Is this going to limit the ability to tilt the lens without further cropping?

6. Could it be compensated for by the tilt of the projector?

I think I will still be able to use the lens. I have not installed anything else permanently, so all other parameters are still available to change. I am waiting for the panamorph to pick a screen size/ratio, too.



** calculation:

min error -> {1.65-(13.6*12/100)}/1.65 ~ 1.1%

max error -> {1.65-(13.5*12/100)}/1.65 ~ 1.8%
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I got the numbers for my LT150 from the projectorcentral website calculator and plugged them in the panamorph 752 calculator.

162 inches to the screen.

100 inches screen width.

I think I left all the other items at default.

14 inches of downward shift

2 inch light spot at panny

I failed the test for light passage.

I played with some of the other numbers, but never got rid of the fail condition.

What has to change to make the panny work for my app? Does the calculator just have a bug?


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