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Panamorph/Optoma Sled Troubleshoot

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Hello all, I am having trouble getting my sled to move into position. It won't move at all and never has - this is a new installation with a used lens/sled.

It's a Panamorph 380 anamorphic lens with a panamorph sled (branded for optoma) - the projector is a Panny AE4000u.

This is a little tricky as many things could be wrong.

1-projector trigger settings

2-little 1/8 th trigger cable could be broke

3-Panamorph sled might be malfunctioning

I've changed batteries on the sled remote and cannot get the projector to move or power on off with the remote. I am eliminating the remote for now as I want trigger anyways.

When plugged into the power adapter panamorph/optoma sled led blinks 3 times then dark.

I've tried 2 different trigger cables a mono and a stereo (trigger 1 and 2 respectively) - nothing.

Finally the panasonic AE4000U settings (in options)

- Top of (options/trigger page) says "off" ( I assume it says "on" when trigger is engaged as I cannot change that setting at all - ever)

-There is a list of trigger settings and I have selected "v-fit aspect"

I assume when I pick "v-fit aspect" manually (in the position/aspect menu)

the trigger should engage. When I go to just the stright up "options page" the trigger one displays "output"- it does not make the lens move.

The Panny manual is quite useless. HELP!

any ideas?

Thanks and have a great Christmas!
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Try unplugging everything from the sled except the power cable. I had found the remote extension cable to interfere with the operation of the sled so I leave it unconnected. I also find using the PJ to trigger the lens in/out to be an exercise in futility. There are many times I want to swap aspect ratios to see menus, for example, but don't want to be moving the lens back and forth.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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