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Panamorph page updated

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I just noticed that the page has been updated:


I am an optimist in general and take this to mean that things are still on track for me (and all of the other preorders) to eventually get one of these things. Also of interest are the contacts for sales inquiries - is one of these guys the new business manager? Lastly, check out the order page - lens now $2495 direct. Obviously this is inflated to help set up distribution, but it still makes me feel pretty darn good! Assuming it does show up soon...

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Wow, finally some accurate information to the customer from the company. At least now the customer can know what he's getting(may get).

I'm waiting for the price to hit $3400 before I order though.

Also notice that there is no mention of any delay whatsoever for anyone who arrives at this page...

...I am not suggesting that they will jump the queue but you would think that there would be some announcement..
At the top of the order page exists a box with the following text:
Due to the demand for the Panamorph lens we anticipate NEW direct orders to ship in late November. Orders will be billed upon placement and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

A 6% sales tax will be applied to all Michigan orders.
Oh-my-god..........Well, this means we should ALL be getting our panamorphs by at least mid November........Doh, maybe Shawn means November of 2002??

The most encouraging thing for me is this:

"For sales information please contact Paul James or Tim Knittel."

This is the first time I recall ever seeing anyone's name other than Shawn's. Maybe he's finally getting some help.

- Chris
Originally posted by Jmartin
Oh-my-god..........Well, this means we should ALL be getting our panamorphs by at least mid November........Doh, maybe Shawn means November of 2002??


Hey riddle me this. How come there are so many people collecting money for Shawn and yet so few products are actually shipping.

Maybe you can get one faster in Australia.
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Well, Just when you think something is going right, and mind you I definately don't know it all, you realize that there has been yet another month or so that there seems to be a deafening quietness on the panny watch front!!

I'm stuck on my installation until I get this panny. Kind of takes out the fun in planning a home theater. Straining to maintain composure, feeling like Ben Stiller (sp) in "International men of mystery".

Damn this is frustating!!!!!!!!!
Heh...I just emailed these two guys with my previous emails to Shawn that he is apparently not even bothering to read:


Mr. Kelly,

This is my fourth and final email on the Panamorph purchase of December 10th, 2000. You have until Wednesday October 24th (two weeks) to respond to this inquiry on the state of my refund or shipment of a Panamorph unit. This two week period fulfills the waiting period before contacting the United States Postal Inspection Service. This is four (4) weeks following my initial email regarding a refund dated October 4, 2001.

Failure to respond will result in this matter being turned over to the Visa department for a chargeback as well as the filing of a formal complaint of mail fraud to the United States Postal Service for FTC rule violations regarding Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rules. Complaints will also be sent to your local Better Business Bureaus, Trade Associations, etc. If necessary I will file for other legal action to recover the payment.

I have been extremely patient thus far and received no response. My patience is at an end.
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