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Panamorph question. Help!

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I cannot get an answer to this.

I am considering a Panamorph for a JVC G-15 DILA

My throw is ~ 27 ft.

The Panamorph drops the image ~7.1% of the throw (or approx 2 ft.).

How do I manage to use this lens if the maximum I can move my PJ is 1 foot up or down.

Would a scaler help?

Are there any solutions?

Thanks in advance for an answer

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I believe you can just tilt the projector upwards. That's what I did when I had the Panamorph and I did not perceive any distortion.
You can also flip the lens which reduces the drop.
O.K. It is sounding better!

Let me press my luck, how little would I have to move my PJ (inches - up or down) to acheive a non-distorted, minimally keystoned picture.


Well, it depends how you define "minimally"... :D

You would want to move the Panamorph up as much as you can. Moving it up 1', instead of 2', would probably leave you with "minimal" keystone.

If you flip the Panamorph over, you would only move your projector up a little bit, a few inches probably. You won't have keystone per se, but a slight non-linearity, which is mainly visible only on test patterns. At least that's the experience on my (Davis) projector.

I can also confirm flipping the Panamorph is the best way to deal with this drop problem. Works great that way!

You guys are awesome! THat's what I'll do!
Can someone explain what "flipping" the panamorph means? I just installed a JVC G15, had it calibrated and its looks great; I'm just somewhat disturbed at the amount of overscan and wonder how much better the picture would look if I were able to use all that resolution. I watch mostly DVD on the projector.

Also, how does the panamorph affect 1080i HDTV material?
Originally posted by PHINSON
Can someone explain what "flipping" the panamorph means?
Unscrew the big side screws and turn the big triangular lens upside down in its bracket and put the screws back in.
Thanks Smitty! has anyone received one of the new panamorphs yet? the window on the powerbuy is closing soon and I have to make a decision. arggg.
You know you want it... Just jump in and get it. As long as you don't drop it you can always sell it. Incidentally my ISCO is in the mail.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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