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Panasonic 10AK

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I stopped at Circuit City on my way home from work yesterday planning to take a look at the PS3 and the specs with the possibility of buying it with the sonystyle promo but I ended up buying an open box actually display model Panny 10A for $199 plus tax= $213.. drawback: I can't get the 5 free movies since I don't have a UPC and the remote is missing the cap for the battery. I thought it a good deal that I couldn't pass up for a regular price $499 player.. Oh, they didn't have the manual either. I figured I could possibly afford to get the Onkyo 505 or 605 now since I saved some $$ on the player. Anyone know where I can DL it?? Any thoughts? Should I go with the PS for an addtl $100?
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Thats a great deal for that player and people say it has exceptional PQ.

If you want gaming and media playing the ps3 might be your better bet. You can get the manual from panasonic's website if I am not mistaken.
Download the manual here:


You got a great price! With the additional $100, buy the discs you want!

Most of us here use a universal remote -- I have the Harmony 880 -- so the Panasonic remote is only a backup anyway, and is stored away.
Feeling very lucky right now.. I went back today with the $40 coupon and they adjusted the price even more. So I basically got it for $170. The movies are still expensive as hell! Now I need a to decide the Onkyo 505 or 605. Still debating if that $200 difference in price is worth it. Thanks for the feedback.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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