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I noticed that Panasonic has the following footnote regarding their contrast ratio:
Panasonic's Native Contrast measurement expresses the maximum contrast ratio of the plasma panel measured at the time of manufacture and does not express a contrast ratio measured during ordinary viewing conditions by a consumer. .... Depending on the model, Native Contrast of the panel has been measured as either 5,000,000:1 or 2,000,000:1. Unlike measurements taken for previous models, Pre-Discharges do not occur for the images used in the 2010 model measurements, so the results should not be compared to contrast ratios reported for earlier year Panasonic models.

What does this mean? Of course I want to compare with my 2001-era plasma.
Back then, they listed the following in the manual:

Contrast ratio: 3000:1

Brightness capability: 780 cd/m2 (panel only), 400 cd/m2 (as a set)

How does this compare to the 2010 models? (Both contrast ratio and brightness -- I can't find any mention of the brightness of the 2010 panels.) I could guess that 9 years of advances would only improve things, but I'd like to know.
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