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I'm up at college and as such on a college budget.

I recently acquired a Panasonic 27" CRT for free, to replace a 13" freebie.

At home, I hooked it up to a Zenith DTT-901 CECB via composite and it looked fabulous. Colors are accurate, contrast is good and the comb filters are great (nearly artifact free!).

Up here, I plugged it into my DVD player via component and the TV looks perfect.

However, cable is a different story. On the 13" some channels would look perfect, while others were a little fuzzy or had FM ingress.

On this set, all cable channels have the red shifted a noticeable amount to the right and everything just smears across the screen. It's so bad, I don't even want to watch it.

Any ideas of what's going on or is this TV beyond hope?
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