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Hey guys, I am considering a plasma after returning my last LCD. I've been reading on all the positives of panasonic plasma and want your opinion on the higher end 42 inch model, GT25. I am looking for a GREAT all around set for gaming (lots of xbox 360 gaming), 1080p movies, and hdtv for the bedroom. I am disappointed in response times with LCD sets and also want a higher quality picture and wanted to ask if you guys think the GT25 series has a sharper and more realistic picture than top LCD's ??

The reason I ask is because I have not been able to see it in person at any of my local stores. I saw one best buy near me has a VT series but all it plays is a damn Panasonic 3D demo and no actual content.. I just hate how they set up these televisions without showing it's capabilities..

Next, I am very worried about burn in/retention and have been browsing these boards reading up on peoples experiences. Many times I have seen "Burn in is a thing of the past" .. but I can easily link back to recent threads of folks with brand new panasonic plasmas who have burn in from ESPN logos and other sources.. I do watch many tv shows which do have those logos in the corners such as abc, nbc, cbs etc... so I just want to ask if the GT25 series is equally prone to this than other recent panasonic plasmas..

Lastly, I am not in a crazy hurry and am very much looking forward to 2011 models at CES. Do you guys think there will be more higher end 1080p/3D 42 inch options unveiled?

I am considering either a plasma or upcoming LG LED (preferably full LED/local dimming) set since they have better gaming response times.

Thanks for any feedback/help, I really appreciate it.
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