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The title says it. Panasonic business/industrial has released the 58 inch PF12, but no sign yet of the 50 incher. I need this monitor, and have been waiting patiently. I really thought it would be out by now.

I have a mounting space that is built-in, cannot be easily changed, and will fit only a monitor sized very close to the 50PF12. (assuming it is the same size as the PF11.) There is little or no extra space; no normal 50 inch plasma TV with built in speakers will fit. It has to be a monitor. (The space is currently occupied by an old Pioneer PDP503.)

The only other model I can find that might fit is a Pioneer 101 or 111, but they're just a bit scarce now.

What's the problem? Does Panny have so many unsold 50PF11s in the warehouse that they won't bring out the 50PF12? Are they waiting to bring out a PF13?

LCDs are not an option, I generally dislike the way they look.

As a last resort I might buy an old PF11UK but I would rather have a 12G panel.

Does anyone have any inside knowledge about this?

Thanks for any light you can shed.

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