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Panasonic 6UY vs Fujitsu

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I own a 6UY and love it. My friend is in the market for a similar 50" Plasma. He is being told that the Fujitsu is a much better unit. Price wise they are about the same. Are there any thoughts among the forum members which can help influence his decision?

Go ahead Bash or Praise either unit.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Well, they both use the Panasonic glass. Fujitsu apparently has superior SDTV upconversion because it includes Faroudja's AVM technology. However, you'll pay a lot more for a Fujitsu. And, I'm extremely happy with my 50PHD6UY's SDTV conversion. The price difference wouldn't have been worth it for me.

If he's got money to burn and can afford to buy the best money can buy, I think Fujitsu is his TV. If he's cost conscious Panny may be a better choice. But picture quality is subjective too - he may want more vibrant colors and might appreciate the PQ on a Pioneer (etc..) better. Personally I'm very sensitive to black levels, so Panny or Fuji were the only two in my running. His best bet is going to be to find somewhere to compare the sets.

-- Rob
If he can both sets at about the same price, the decision is a no-brainer, go with the Fujitsu. You get better processing with Fujitsu's AVM, you get a better SD picture, you get a 3 year warranty vs. 1 year for the Panny. At the same price, I don't see why you'd go with the Panny as good as it is.
I'm really glad you posted your question...that's exactly the same dilemma I'm in right now...

I am getting SO tired of researching this decision, and am VERY ready to just go ahead and make the plunge...After all my looking, I've narrowed my decision down to the Fujitsu P50XHA30WS and the commercial Panasonic 50" HD6UY. (well, what I really want is the Fujitsu 55", but you've got to draw a financial line somewhere)

I do think that I want the best plasma I can get, I believe that I could find a way to afford either, but is the Fujitsu really worth the extra 2-3K that I would be paying for it?

I don't watch much SDTV, so I want something that will look phenomenal with DVD's and HDTV...and I want DVI/HDMI to be future-compatible. Fujitsu's only got the one DVI...whereas you can add 2 DVI's to the panasonic. Neither have HDMI, but you can always hope that Panasonic will develop an HDMI blade for purchase with the 6UY.

I've seen both up close (on the panny, just the consumer model) and the PQ for both looks very similar. I just don't know which one to get and I'm going nuts here....

I guess it would be nice to have that extra 2-3K that I'm saving with the Panny to invest towards a high-end DVI DVD player or a new reciever...so I guess I'm leaning a little more towards the Panny...

Any help would be great...

Lien_Master, I would love to hear what your friend decides....
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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I know that I referenced both units costing the same. The truth is that the Fujitsu, up until yesterday, was being sold at $10K. I bought the Panny (new with full warranty) at $6.1K. Do you think the Fujitsu is a $4K better unit???

I would get the Panny. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference of $2k-3k between the Fujitsu and the Panny in HD or DVD watching.

Or you could get the Pioneer 5040 which is as technically advanced as the Fujitsu- tho without AVM- but includes a media box with 2 HDMI inputs, speakers and a stand for a little more than a Panny.
There are closeout sales on the 2003 model Fujitsu 50" plasmas going on now at stores like Good Guys, the sale price is down under $7999 now - so its a terrific buy right now. By the way AVM is what makes Fujitsu "more advanced" so without it like on that inferior Sharp-made media box on the Pioneer models its nowhere close. If you want to save on a Pioneer get a higher quality model like the 503CMX than the inferior expensive media-box models.
I've demoed both the Fujitsu P50 (many times) and the new Panasonic commercial model 50" plasma. I've seen both playing Hi-Def and DVDs many times, but never side by side. I do not see much difference in picture quality between them...for me certainly not a few thousand dollars worth.

I get the same thrill watching Hi-Def and DVDs on the Panasonic as I do on the Fujitsu.

It's been a while since I saw regular cable (NTSC) on either unit. I defer to those with more experience with those plasmas as to which will look better with NTSC.

(NTSC is notoriously hard to check out in stores because you never know how good their feed is. That said, the best NTSC image I've ever seen on a 50" plasma is the Bang + Olufeson plasma which is, like the Fujitsu, a re-jigged Panasonic plasma).
I just got the Pio Elite Pro1110HD and the media box is awesome, much better than the sony and hitachis I saw. IMO this is by far the best looking plasma on the market, on or off.
Dr Jeff,

Have you seen a 55" Fujitsu? If so, please give a report. Lots of

us would like to hear about it. If not, how do you know you want

one? :)

Originally posted by R Harkness
That said, the best NTSC image I've ever seen on a 50" plasma is the Bang + Olufeson plasma which is, like the Fujitsu, a re-jigged Panasonic plasma).
Lost me on this one. Other than the glass, I don't see how a Fujitsu is a re-jigged Panny. Everything else, e.g., the electronics, is different. :confused:
Originally posted by Ken Ross
I think it's a size issue. ;)
I've had my 50" for less than a month and already I have 63" envy. As I watch it, 50" is looking smaller and smaller every day. :mad:

And to think I actually considered a 42" at one point. :eek:
I am very bullish on the 71" LG.... For whatever little that irrelevant, off-topic comment is worth.
Our local Magnolia has a wall of plasmas and the Panny 42" 6UY (consumer) and Fuji P42HCA11WH (I think that was it - edit after post: no, it was the P42HHA10WS) were next to each other. With the sales guy we tuned them to get them as close as possible. Most of the time they were not significantly different other than the Fuji was at lower far settings for contrast and brightness. The Fuji was initially set very hot, in my opinion, even though it was at the center of adjustments.

When there was noise, such as MPEG artifacts with satellite SD, the Fuji clearly showed less, such as the halo of speackles around people's heads. Same with dancing pixels in dark scenes and false color contours. If I were getting a consumer box, the Fuji would be the choice.

Hi People,

Just wanted to thank everyone for their input.

My friend went with the Panny 6uy.

The differemce in overall performance could not justify the 2-3K higher ticket for a Fujitsu or Pioneer.

Thanks Again

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