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panasonic AE3000U ceiling mounting height

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I am considering a Panasonic 3000U projector but I am now having second thoughts after reviewing some posts regarding the projector being mounted higher than the top of the screen. This allegedly affects the automatic lens shift.

My ceiling is only 8 feet high and I wanted to mount the projector as close as possible to the ceiling. The screen will be a 2.35:1, about 104 inches. The throw tentatively set at 12 feet.

The screen will have a 10 inch soffit above it and possibly short drapes below that. The top of the screen would be about 20 inches from the ceiling and at least a foot below the intended lens height from the ceiling.

If I don't lower the projector with a pole, will I be able to utilize the automatic lens shift when I want to go from 16:9 to 2.35:1? What other problems will the mounting height present?

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