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Panasonic AX200U stopped turning on

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I have the Panny 200U in storage - I replaced it with another projector when the bulb was getting weak. Well, I powered it up about 6 months ago and it worked fine, but now it won't fire up the lamp. The lamp light is on and when I turn it on the green light flashes and eventually goes to yellow. But I can't even get the lamp on. Before, the lamp light would be on but I could start it up.

Was looking to sell this eventually but can't unless I can be sure the projector is working. Any ideas short of investing in a new bulb for a projector I'm not going to use.
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Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I guess your lamp is gone. Many lamps (just like home bulbs) after using and then stopped for long time, shall not work again and shall be fused, this is what happened to your lamp. You shall have to buy new lamp. How many hours you used on the lamp?
Yep - think that is it. Ordered a new one today. Thanks!
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