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Panasonic DMP-BD30K Screen Saver?

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When a movie is paused, the Screen Saver will never come on. I have tried about 5 different movies, both Blu-Ray and standard DVDs.

I have:

1. Turned the Screen Saver Function "ON"

2. In TV/Device Connection set the HDMI Resolution to 720p

3. Updated the firmware to 1.3

4. Called technical support (wow, that was a joy)

5. Went to Best Buy and Exchanged for another player


However, if a play a music CD the Screen Saver will turn on in 10 minutes?

I expect the Screen Saver should turn on when the movie is paused for +10 minutes. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance
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Yes, please ask in main thread. Isolated threads go idle and then archived. Any information is basically "lost". If you can't find your answer in the main thread, asking there (even if it's a dupe) will keep the info there and not get lost.

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