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Originally Posted by markoo /forum/post/19634399

Can this be repaired or do I need to buy a new drive?

The sounds made when the DVD Drive "spins up" indicate the nature of the problem. See this post:


While the vintage DMR-ES15 (around $155 new back in 2006) was a good entry-level recorder (I own four of this model--two of which have been retired), it might not be cost effective to replace the RFKNES15P RAM/DIGITAL MODULE. This "module" includes the proprietary DVD Drive and Digital PCB priced at $149.92 for the parts alone (see the photo) through the Panasonic National Parts Center in Kent Washington. There is also the $130 flat-rate repair through the Panasonic Service Center in Elgin Illinois.

There are better alternatives to repairing your DMR-ES15. These include the outstanding Magnavox 513 or 515 Hard Disc Drive/DVD recorders found at walmart.com:

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